From Waist Height and Wondering 5

In the car, driving the 10 miles to Abergavenny along a ribbony road through the fields.

Took this shot from the window as we drove.

“Linus, slow down I want to take a photo!”

“I can’t there are cars behind me.”

“They won’t mind, just a sec.”

“Grace they will mind, just shoot it now!”

Sunset over the Sugar Loaf. Into the Black Mountains in the twilight, singing as our car has no radio. We sang Johnny B. Goode (though I can’t do the accent) and Dixie Chicks in call and response. Like in chapel when people have forgotten their hymn books – Linus spoke the line, then we sang it together, on and on as I can’t remember the words on my own. “Found my red dress, now I’m gonna throw it on…”

Although of course I don’t sing “gonna” as I just can’t. Linus laughs as I correct the grammar of everything I sing, and leave out all the swear words, and change lyrics I don’t like. But I’m sure everyone does that.