24 ways enjoy festive season if you are sick or struggling

24 Ways to Enjoy the Festive Season if You are Sick or Struggling

Well, the weather outside is frightful…so let’s make our own fun; accessible, gentle and compassionate.

What are you hoping to give yourself this winter? 

1. Make your own advent calendar; get little envelopes, print these ideas or write them out, stick one in each envelope and stick them to your wall with washi tape. Each day, enjoy a small winter warming enjoyment. 

2. Make it easy for yourself and send your cards online via paperlesspost.com 

3. Use your holiday wish list to ask for things you need for healing. Check out the medical gift registery for inspiration

4. Do virtual volunteering. Can you send letters to children in hospice so they know Father Christmas knows where they are and they won’t miss their presents. You can do that via. Post Pals

5. Instead of struggling to choose gifts for people who have everything, and ending up buying unneeded items that may contribute to landfill, why not let people know you intend to send parcels to service personnel stationed overseas? Let that be the gifts you give, this year.

6. Sign up for a Passion Planner and start your year with ease. 

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7. Or print your own! Passion Planner make their PDF available free to anyone who needs it. So if you need a little support planning your doctor’s appointments, or sorting your college or work assignments while sick, you can have support on your side. 

8. Send yourself a Healing Box. Or DIY your own, using our free guide

9. Make your bed the most gorgeous place to be.

10. Take advantage or the dark nights to practice hygge, get cosy and stay warm. 

11. Make a list of festive things you enjoy and explore them all. 

12. Enjoy a fire with this website, add a crackling wood-wicked candle and you are all set. Thanks to Sarah Von Bargen for this great tip

13. Order a stack of books from the library to enjoy.

14. Curl up with a free audiobook. 

15. Make baked apples with cinnamons and walnuts

16. Grow a winter plant like amaryllis or winter hyacinths. See how quickly they grow.

17. Design a winter retreat nest.

18. If you can’t get to parties, can you use the time as an opportunity to connect with yourself, to create, to deepen your connection to a friend who is also not partying? 

19. Come and join us for tea in the Trailblazers’ Cafe.

20. Listen to a podcast while you eat lunch. 

21. Draw snowflakes on your windows with wipe-off pen. 

22. Practice partying with pain.

23. Learn to cope with questions about illness with ease. 

24. Design your own version of hot chocolate. I like it with cinnamon, allspice and coconut milk

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Want more ways to enjoy the festive season, even when sick? I have 500 things to do when stuck in bed and bored, get your copy here – audio and ebook. 

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What ways do you enjoy the holidays when you are sick? Let me know in the comments

Photo by Anton Scherbakov on Unsplash