Using Your “Brokenness” to Break Boundaries

GraceExperiencing pain, grief, trauma and seemingly insurmountable challenges are inevitable to the human condition.

But what if “being broken” – a “misfit” – serves as a catalyst for liberation and greater purpose? (Click to Tweet!)

As a trailblazing wellness pioneer I explore my own life-changing physical illness… and share the story of a dramatic shift in thinking that incited a destiny I never could have imagined.

Please watch, and share with all those feeling broken and stuck, with the outsiders who want to shift into trail blazers.



Using your “brokenness” to break boundaries #TEDx

Living day to day as yourself, and loving yourself exactly as you are, is a revolutionary act for a misfit. #TEDx

We are all Trail Blazers. We with the broken bits, we who go forward to incite revolution, to make change. #TEDx

What are you going to shift from misfit to pioneer? From broken to breaking boundaries? From sick chick to trail blazer? Let me know in the comments!

Image courtesy of Amin Art.