Love or something like it

Love or Something Like It: Exploring Where Ableism & Racism Erase Sexuality

I had just turned 17 when I saw Linus standing across the road from me. It was an astonishing moment, like recognising someone I’d never met; I’d never seen anyone I considered so handsome.

We were both in the city to meet mutual friends, and though we barely spoke to each other that day, our friends started plotting to get us together. This was somewhat daunting. I’d never had a partner before – I’d never really dated.

I liked libraries and wasn’t too keen on humans. I’m neurodiverse as well as physically disabled and found people much less interesting (and more difficult to understand) than books. My friends were persistent, though. I had to attend an appointment and with no-one around to help me navigate London, they volunteered Linus.

That was our first ‘date’.

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Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash