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The Undaunted Heart Podcast #27: Andréa Ranaea & Coaching as Activism

The Undaunted Heart Podcast: gives a platform to wellness rebels and sacred revolutionaries on the margins to share their medicine and magic directly with you, wherever you are in the world, or on your life’s journey (previously named Trailblazer Interviews).

Andrea is a coach, facilitator and writer. She’s the creatrix of Coaching as Activism and her work is rooted in love, justice, grief, rage and a vision for liberation. You can explore her work further on

In this podcast, we talk about: 

  • The split between healing work and social analysis/awareness.
  • Divergence in activism, focussing on the urgency of people’s lives, not being able to focus on inner work.
  • Her Coaching as Activism work
  • Reclaiming humanity as an alternative to treating the symptoms which is proffered in wellness (and beyond) as a common strategy for change making.
  • And lots more…

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Transcript: I am currently seeking support on Patreon to enable me to offer The Undaunted Heart Podcast as an inclusive offering. At my second goal, I can commit to a 2019 season of The Undaunted Heart Podcast as a bi-monthly release.

My goal is to produce free transcripts so the podcast is accessible to d/Deaf and hearing impaired folx and those who can’t access audio for impairment or environmental reasons. The Undaunted Heart Podcast is one of my favourite parts of my business and I can’t wait to make more and make them accessible for all.

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