Guest Post: Beautiful Things To Do Because…You Can Change The World



Beautiful Things to Do, Because…. is my way to catalogue all the lovely things happening in the world and to share ideas for having a delightful week. Enjoy and hop on Twitter to share your beautiful things with me.

We all have an opportunity to make our world a better place. No matter our situation we can have a great impact on “our world” and the “whole world”.

As someone recovering from illness I’ve been lucky that my health has improved enough that I can shape my plans around working with street children in the future. I am determined that this world will be better because I have been part of it. There are so many more issues though and ways we can change our world.

Here is a tiny snap shot of just a few things you could do… But with a little creativity your influence can extend far even from your own bed.


Create a buzz

Most people will have heard about the plight of bees… This is humans issue too as bees are crucial in pollinating our crops. Donate some money and you will receive some wild flower seeds to plant to attract more bees and help them in their fight to survive.


Indulge against slavery

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of chocolate? Make it your thing that every bar of chocolate you eat is fair trade.

This means the farmer has been given a fair price for their produce as well as no child labour has been used. Also look out for fair trade coffee, tea and bananas to go the extra mile. Read about fair trade products and stockists here.


Attitude of gratitude

Encourage someone for being themselves.

Today make the time to stop and think about what you love about the people around you. Then make a point to tell them.


Sign a petition.

Together our voices have power, if we stand together we can bring about change on issues.

There are hundreds of petitions out there which can have a positive effect on people so think about the issues your passionate about and I’m sure there will be petitions worth signing. If you want to go that bit further there is an app called nudge that will point out petitions worth signing as they come up.


Don’t forget the day job.

There are many people we take for granted… Nurses, shop assistants and waitresses to name just a few… How about you make it a habit thanking them and wishing them a good day.


Snail mail.

Letters are a beautiful way to tell people you care, how about you write a letter to an old friend, a struggling friend or a sick friend telling them they aren’t forgotten. Nothing brightens up a day quite like a letter (or a Healing Box).


Invest some food.

Food banks are becoming increasingly common and sadly increasingly necessary. How about each week you buy a tin of food to donate to help a family when they really need it.


So the question is what are you going to do first to change the world?


If you’d like more information about the amazing street child project I am lucky enough to be part of then go to

LauraLaura Westby
Healing Boxes Co-Founder, Support worker and general awesome person.
Laura is a support worker, working with people with disabilities. She’s also involved in supporting Home of Faith orphanage in Andhara Pradesh. She’s currently working with street children in Rio and on her way to setting up an orphanage.