Bertie Beach

From Waist Height and Wondering 19

See that joy there?

We knew the beach would be a challenge. Beaches are not super wheelchair accessible you see. You can get clever beach wheelchairs with tyres like Land Rovers (can you tell how much I want one?) but we didn’t know when I’d be well enough to go, so couldn’t rent one in advance. 

Undeterred we got down onto the sand, because Linus is strong and dragged my wheelchair through. Then carried me down to the sea to dip my toes in. It had been years, but I loved it. Cold, wild and living out a dream. I want to swim in the sea, so that is going to mean wetsuits and a brave instructor but we will find one. I say swim but just float is fine. I love being in the water, I remember the first time being in hydrotherapy, turns out the water supports one’s body and one can move more easily there. I wanted to say there. I’ve spent a lot of time in water. 

Where is the special and magic in this moment? 

Well, it is so easy to live always accelerating, hurtling into the future. 

It takes real bravery to stop and inhabit your body and the moment. 

It takes warrior spirit to enjoy. To really live. 

Humans are one third in the past, one in the present and the final third bouncing around off any thoughts and information swamping us currently. 

Find the wonder in the moment.

Let yourself be where you are. Your life is good enough, it will live up to all your hopes if you let it. What are you running towards? What is better than this? What are you really waiting for? Let it be now. Smile like Bertie, that’s it. Yes!

Bertie Beach