Grace with_wand

From the Magic of Jamie Ridler.

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to do one day?

Grace with_wand

So I am ‘making magic and tending wishes’ with her here at this bright windy day.

Grab your wand, your wishing powder and your deepest dreams. We are making magic, babies!

I cast my wish this day…

I wish for connection for all those in the world who are lonely and new day breaks for all survivors.

I wish to fulfil my dream list by:

Swimming in the sea, (planned for next summer)

Learning to speak italian, (first, french with grandma, next italian!)

Travelling to France.

Learning to play the harp. (This harp, I delight in it, we are working on healing for my arms first to allow me to play).

Hold your wishes and get your wish powder. 

If you don’t happen to keep wish powder handy (and you should, it’s an essential business and just down right living tool) here is a quick recipe for your spells and  wishes.

Wish Casting Powder

2 parts sage,

1 part cedar,

1 part vanilla,

Grind them as finely as possible, empowering them, visualising, imagining, feeling gratitude for your wish-come-true as you do. In a lonely place, hold the powder in your dominant hand, feeling its energies and visualising your wish with clarity and confidence. Draw from your own power and send it into the powder.

When it is infused with energy, fling it from you as far as you can! As your wishcasting powder touches the earth it releases the energy, going to work to bring your wish into manifested reality. To seal the wishcasting.

Vow one concrete action you can take towards this wish and do it that day. Give thanks.

What are your wishes? Make them so this day. 

* Adapted from Scott Cunningham – The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews.