February Trailblazing Healing Resources: Fuel for Your Healing Fire

February Trailblazing Healing Resources- Fuel for Your Healing Fire  text on top of under the sea photo of coral

The best of the wellness internet. Lovingly curated trailblazing healing resources for fun and wellness fabulousness to fuel your healing fire. Relax and dive in!

My favourite trailblazing healing resources, inspirations, proclamation and motivation this month.

What a lovely video to get you in the mood for self-care.

This blog is so needed, Chronic Style Disorder, supporting disabled parents and all stylish spoonies

The webinar from my dear friend Mara on tending ourselves during these challenging times – highly recommended.

I’m really enjoying Qoya along with the moon cycles at the moment, check out this beautiful vid.

Conversations and tea with intuitive creativity founder Shiloh Sophia McCloud and the world famous SARK? Yes please!

A course on how to stand up for human rights that I am so in love with. I found this course via my teacher and friend Randi Buckley who runs Healthy Boundaries for Kind People, which you should really consider doing, (I am, again, it’s worth every moment).

Randi is also running this free 7-day healthy boundaries challenge. Please and thank you.

Taking care of ourselves and our communities. Some of the most beautiful and inclusive affirmations I have come across.

Speaking of compassion, are you joining me in the Hell No Hustle club? Related: how to stop forcing and have faith.

Sending containers of accessibility and mobility equipment to people who need them – let’s raise some funds to get that equipment shipped!

I think this is possibly my favourite interview ever, if you’d like to hear my telling stories, talking about feminism, myth and healing, check it out (podcast and transcript available).

If you are building a business, do you follow my Accessible Business Pinterest board?

Each week we set our intentions in The Trailblazers’ Cafe and support each other through the week, so powerful!

I love getting emails about how working with Turning Trailblazer has shifted people’s lives and perspectives…if you’d like to check it out, you can get a free copy here.

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P.S Check out all the healing resources and my top healing apps for chronic illness, healing and caring part 1, part 2 and part 3.