• Surfing the Emotional Surges: How to Cope When Feeling Overwhelmed

    Photo credit: Unsplash You know when you have ALL THE FEELINGS? Like, ALL the feelings, and you’re feeling overwhelmed and it’s difficult to actually function because of the flood of emotions pouring through you…? What do you, uh, actually do in those moments? If the answer to that question is, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘not good things’ keep reading, as I have some ideas that may be of help, and certainly have been for me.

  • How to Create a Trailblazing Wellness Toolkit

    Hello trailblazer (if you are wondering what a trailblazer is, check out the trailblazers’ manifesto here). Today we are talking about making your Wellness Toolkit – a healing refuge, a portable, in-your-pocket emotional first aid kit. Your bespoke sanctuary. Sound good? Let’s get started!

  • 7 Gentle, Generous, Restorative Ways to Feel Better

    Sometimes life is beautiful. Sometimes life is tough, and sometimes it’s both at once. I have learned from long experience that looking for the bright spots of light in dark times is what keeps things going. I hope you can find some gentle, loving bright spots in this list of ways to feel better.

  • Ultimate List of Things to Do When Bed Bound and Bored

    I know what it’s like to be bed bound and bored. I know what it’s like to live with chronic illness. I know what it’s like to be simultaneously so tired you could collapse and so bored you could cry. Unless you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to appreciate how difficult lying in bed all day is – or it certainly seems to be hard to appreciate, judging by how many “oh, you just get to rest, I wish I could nap all day” comments I’ve heard. (Those people really need to read my article on How to Speak to People with Disabilities. Top hint: don’t compare taking a nap with…

  • What’s Self-Care When You Can’t Care for Yourself?

    When we finally found it, I felt like there was hope again. There are very few clinics set up for treating people with M.E. and Linus and I heard about a clinic in the Breacon Beacons, near where we live. It looked amazing, set amid parkland, with an on-site nutritionist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and pain management experts. People whose job it was to help me live, to encourage my body to heal and hurt less. Quickly, where do I sign? Self Caring But then the fine print; you couldn’t go unless you were “self-caring”. I care for myself – I love myself – I really, really care about my well…