Swift Ways to Support Habit Changing & Transformation Part 2

Young plant growing new leaves - Swift Ways to Support Habit-Changing & Transformation Part 2

How are you finding supporting your life/habit changes? Are you feeling more integrated with your goals and dreams?

In Part 1 we talked about how to keep on track and make sure your new transformation sticks. Today we are talking about checking that your intention still fits your situation and preventing the damaging, frustrating bore of burn-out.

Let’s dive in:

Mindful Moments

Sometimes we can get too rushed, getting too focussed on ‘doing’ or other distractions and forgetting about just living life and, especially, our good intentions.

You can decide to take mindfulness breaks during the day.

Set a timer for once an hour or decide every time your phone beeps with a text message or the clock chimes or you see a red car, or whatever, you are going to take a mindfulness moment.

Take 3 seconds, or 3 minutes it is up to you – just stop, relax as much as possible, breathe, tune it and listen to your body.

In terms of your healing, you can take this as an opportunity to tune in and check in with You and see how you are doing.

Do you need anything?

More water, a rest, a moment to remind yourself of your intentions or give yourself a pat on the back for how well you are doing?

When you take a mindfulness break, check in with your intention/goal/dream too. How does it feel in this moment, in your body? Our intentions may need to grow and evolve with us and there’s nothing worse than pursuing a goal set some time ago and later realising it doesn’t fit your current needs. We can push on towards our set plans too single-mindedly. It can be healthy to check in with plans. Does it fit your situation now, does it need to shift? How is your life transformation going?

If it’s time to let it go, you can say goodbye in a dream funeral, take a break or set your new goal.

Fabulous, now give yourself what you need and well done you!

Maintain Momentum

For this we need to pace ourselves. We are wellness athletes and we need to go gently and stoically, not all blazing and burn out a few seconds down the track.

Not fun. So let’s get our team together.

Find a support network, share your goals with those who will support and cherish you.

People who are still blocked, scared and dealing with (or rather not dealing with) their own issues may try to pull you down or encourage you back to old self destructive behaviours which are similar to theirs.

You are working for your life, you do not need that. So take care with whom and how you share your dreams.

Surround yourself with positive images of wellness and fantastic wellness warriors, inspiring stories or quotes and your reasons for changing. Do you want to be well for your children or grandchildren? Perhaps for your partner or so you can live your dream or go sailing or play tennis or write? Whatever it is, add this picture to your journal, your affirmation cards, your vision board.

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What are your favourite ways to keep yourself on track with a new plan or life transformation? Let me know in the comments.

Photo Credit: Lynn Friedman via Compfight cc