Sick, Tired and Bed Bound – What To Do?

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Grace’s Go-To List of Bed Bound Boredom Busters

When you’re sick, tired or bed-bound, there’s one more malady that traditional medicine just can’t cure: BOREDOM.

Regardless of what circumstances have you laid up, a persistent case of the doldrums can significantly impact your physical recovery as well as your mental health.Breaking the monotony of illness requires a little thought, but pays off in a big way.

Try these activities to help bust through your boredom while you work toward wellness:

• Practice mindfulness through meditation.

Dance in bed – Gabrielle Roth.

• Try a school or method of exercise made to work with your body, like Feldenkrais or yoga.

• Decorate yourself! Wear body glitter.

Explore art. Draw. Try outsider art or art therapy. Keep an art journal.

• Practice random acts of kindness.

• Plan a garden.

• Learn about the stars.

• Look at a map and learn about new countries, capitals and the world.

• Learn to say hello in another language.

• Write a poem.

• Write a novel (or simply begin one).

• Bird watch – or bird feed.

• Watch the trees.

• Listen to different kind of music – something completely out of your normal repertoire.

• Paint your nails.

• Pamper yourself with a facial.

• Take part in morning and evening meditation.

• Make a soul collage.

• Make artist trading cards.

• Make wiggly bags.

Volunteer, virtually.

Write letters.

• Write to postpals.

• Make greeting cards for Healing Boxes.

• Scrapbook.

• Create a beautiful journey. Close your eyes, imagine you are at the beginning of a road…then fill in the rest with your hopes, dreams, whatever you like.

• Take photographs that reflect your life.

• Make a ‘zine.

• Write a song.

• Sing that song for your friends.

• Tell stories. From your traditions, your childhood, fairy tales, or straight from your imagination.

• Start on something you have always wanted to do but never had the courage to before.

• Make up a wild and interesting shopping list, then invent a character that would use it

• Go to and explore the universe.

• Read aloud, or ask someone to read to you

• Make plasticine people and act out a mini play. Be inventive. Film it. Share it.

• Invite friends over for an evening of chillin’ out and fun. Don’t worry about tidying up or the fact that your in pyjamas. Invite  your guests to bring theirs too.

• Send postcards.

• Make a video message and send it to a loved one.

• Sleep upside down.

• Put flowers on your bedside table. If you can’t get flowers, get bare branches or evergreens from the garden. No garden? No problem – make your own blooms.

• Start a gratitude journal.

• Change your bed sheets.

• Order a Healing Box.

• Read something completely different.

• Ask the librarian for a recommendation. If you’re housebound, try giving your local library a call or an email.

• Wear a tiara. In bed. Just because.

• If you’re newly diagnosed, get the info and help you need.

• Nourish yourself. Ask yourself – what do I need? How can I go about getting it?

• Create your own super hero or shero. Be her!

• Order or make new stationary.

Join the Trail Blazers’ Movement and get heaps of support

• Light candles every day.

• Book a virtual breakfast date. Nothing starts a day right like a friendly face on Skype or Facetime.

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