Where Are You Relinquishing Your Power? How To Take it Back!

lightning bolt in night sky, with water and lights from buildingsDo you know that you are a powerhouse?

A lightening bolt?

A blazing comet of sheer energetic potential?

That you are moved, motivated, animated and exalted by an ancient power?

Well, it’s true. Listen to me, because I know.

No really, you are sitting on a mine of miracles, and the only thing keeping them from exploding into being, into reality….is you. You are sitting in the bottle neck, beautiful.

So we want to get in gear and help you get out of your own way, make some changes and raise some cheers!

How to tap into the current? How to reclaim your rights?

The answer is simple but not easy:

Shift your thinking to rock your world.

You already hold so much power.

I don’t just mean untapped potential, I mean everything you have control over and influence on right now.

You can change many things:

your environment, words, clothes, speech (no swearing), reading material, how you spend your time, who you associate with, who you listen to, what you think about, where you go, what you eat and drink, how and where and why you eat and drink, what work you do, what habits you keep, what beliefs to hold or what your environment looks like.

These are amazing liberating gifts. I mean – wow.

The other side of this freedom coin is the responsibility.

Therefore when things don’t go ‘your way’…

It’s not the government, fate, your parents, the weather, it’s YOU. 

Read it again, it is not the stars, the neighbor, the colleague, that other blogger, the company, the boss, the man, your sister, the broken heel on your shoe, the lack of money, the lack of time, your children, your lover, your puppies, the car stalling, the system….. It is YOU.

You have the power to change your world. Reach out and claim it. Own it and act with it. NOW.

We all have choices but this isn’t a blame game, we don’t choose all that happens to us. I didn’t choose to get ill. But it is our choice how we manage it and what we do with it, every day.

You have choices, opportunities from how you wake up to how you see the challenges in your day.

Learning to shift your perspective.

  1. Listen to your self-talk
  2. Journal every day
  3. Notice how you approach things. Observe your reactions
  4. Look around you, how do those you spend time with react and live? Are you acting similarly?
  5. Notice and then choose to change anything that isn’t serving you. I don’t mean to simplify but it is as easy and as hard as that. Choose new thoughts, create new views and then give them meaning by living them.

If you get stuck, book a spot here. We can work out what is stuck and get you back-on-track.

My wish for you is that you recognise your innate abilities and use them to make the world yet more beautiful. May you be filled with the peace of the running waves.

What’s next?

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