Dear Grace Q & A: Building a Life with Disability

Horses in a field with text: Q & A: Building a Life with DisabilityQuestion“What can people do, who don’t feel they can start their own business or aren’t able to work in their circumstances? What kind of projects could they get involved with? What kind of things can they build their life around, if they currently lack focus? What kinds of hobbies can ill and disabled people take up?”

Answer: The real answer, of course, is to find your passion and then make it accessible. Just as you’d build a life without a disability. What do you want to do? What do you love? If you don’t know what you love, can you explore?

But I do have a list of accessible options and ideas.

Micro-volunteering – easy actions from home that benefit so many worthwhile causes.

Make sock monkeys

Write love letters

Be a chemo buddy

Crochet Angels for Hope

Make quilts for Project Linus

Therapeutic knitting with Stitch Links

Volunteer with Healing Boxes

Volunteer with local charities. Can you stuff envelopes? Answer the phone, visit people and read to them?

Taking care of a patch of land. Growing a mini-garden.

Write to Postpals




Write letters for freedom with Amnesty International

Foster an animal

What do you do? What’s your passion? Tell me in the comments below!

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Image courtesy of Bethany Legg.