Let’s Talk About Self-Worth

Let's Talk About Self-WorthMaybe you aren’t a size 6.

Maybe you can’t do downward dog.

Maybe you aren’t exactly setting the world alight.

Maybe you don’t know who you are, or what your passion is.

Maybe brushing your teeth feels like a huge task.

Maybe you aren’t earning 6 or 7 or 8 figures like a #boss

Maybe your blog isn’t the talk of the town.

I don’t care. You, my dearest, are worth everything, everything.

Let’s talk about self-worth…

Self worth is respecting my right to be a human being not a human doing.

It means, I get space on this planet simply by being here, and I don’t need to rush/prove/busy myself to be worthy of the resources my existence uses.

I live knowing that I can touch lives and make beauty simply by being.

For me, self-worth in action is:

– Living my life with compassion

– Moving with grace

– Speaking with kindness

– Practicing ethical choices

– Being a good friend

– Growing a garden

All the things I do naturally because I am moved to do so are more than enough.

In contrast, when I begin my day and my life from a place of ‘not enough’, I am always rushing to catch up with myself in a race I can never win.

Joyful moments aren’t embraced as I’m always looking for the next task, the next thing I must do in the race to be enough.

I embrace my worthiness each day with kindness and self-compassion. (Click to Tweet!)

I embrace myself with love and kindness by releasing perfectionism and knowing that I am always a beautiful work-in-progress.

I love spending time out-of-doors, with horses, in the garden and the woods. In these places I am embodied and joyful.

I follow my daily practices; allowing myself space for yoga and meditation, for swimming and resting.

Sometimes I feel wonderful when I do these things, sometimes it’s hard and I resist getting on the mat more than I can say. In those moments I come back to the love in my heart. I listen to my body’s messages, I move to the mat with compassion for myself.

I step away from any media which doesn’t contribute to my self worth and self-love. A few years ago I did a year long fast of all media that wasn’t explicitly woman and body positive, it made a huge impact.

Your heart is beautiful because it loves so much, and so tenderly. In all of it’s wounded places, through the scars, the cracks where you have been broken open by life, you are expanded. You love even wider.

Your scars are beautiful, because scars are medals of survival. A scar can become a shooting star. Let them decorate your skin with silver-red rockets of strength and desire.

Your resilience is beautiful. It’s everything in you that draws you forward, that whispers there is another way, that it will be ok. The part of you that reassures, whispers that you have another day in you and another way onwards.

I’m blessed to share a world with one such as you.

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