Turner Sky

From Waist Height and Wondering 9

Now isn’t that sky just worthy of Turner?
When I went to the Tate with Linus for the first time I fell in love with the paintings of J.M.W Turner.

I sat in front of “Snow Storm – Steam Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth Making Signals in Shallow Water and Going by the Lead.” for hours upon hours.

I would be there still. 

Turner Sky

Linus had to drag me outside to get me to eat.

I was planning, could I make some way to just live in that gallery? That if all I did was gaze and gaze. And was a living, breathing pilgrimage to that amount of talent then maybe that would be ok with me. 

I saw and felt the definition of the word masterpiece. Life’s works, men who spent their existence and poured their soul into one picture but that divine beauty is worth a man’s heart. 

Turner of course was not one of these, he lived fast, finishing his paintings on varnishing day sometimes. 

For my 21st birthday Linus bought me one of Turner’s prints. It is sunlight, sea, sails and such bliss. 

Grandma loves Turner too, and one of her dreams was to go to London to see his paintings in person. Linus saved up money, booked a coach and took us all up there. Which is a feat, as I can barely travel and Grandma likes to be everywhere three hours early and not to travel with her back to the engine. Of course.

She loved it, and it was such a joy to see her joy. And of course, I got to worship and give praise in my church of art and higher beauty. 

I saw Turner’s sketchbooks, the months of work which went into each piece. It makes me feel somewhat better about the multitudinous drafts I turn out for anything. 

What do you see in the clouds?