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From Waist Height and Wearing 3

Dragon 1Dragons and layers because Wales can be cold. Today we have snow on the hills.

“This is my small story of feeling hopeful.
Hope is born in the dark. It lies there like a little seed, dreaming, for a long while. I love the darkness – it is winter and it is rest…There is room enough here to hold all dreams. And it is in these dreams when hope begins.

But sometimes on my journey, I fall a long way from my dreams, and waves of depression wash over me, try to steal me under. On these stormy red days, even getting out of bed becomes an act of faith – will I be able to weave the numbness I feel into my deep breathing and day song?

An act of hope is getting up anyway. An act of hope is making packed lunches for people you love. An act of hope is putting on something special to wear when yesterdays baggy tracksuit is calling you from its heap on the floor. An act of hope is making yourself a cake.

An act of hope is stepping out –  into nature, into the trees, to scrunchy leaves, to birds singing, and streams flowing, to paths winding, to hills rising up, then down.

Stepping out. Not because you have to, but because you choose it, as medicine, as an act of faith that the world will hold you, soothe you, need you. And you need her. Food for your aching soul.

This is an act of hope. Hope that there is still beauty, still there. Still.” 

– By Jaine Rose, 2009


Cardigan organic cotton from People Tree

Top made from bamboo by Komodo

Maternity Jeans (not because of baby, because of wheelchair comfort, don’t get over excited dear one)

Scarf – gift from friend

Wheelchair – Invacare Action 3 in Metallic Sapphire Blue.

Skirt – from an asylum seekers jumble sale. Grandma asks me to specify that is was a jumble sale in aid of asylum seekers, not a sale of their jumble. Not that it would make any difference anyway, clothes are clothes and any way to benefit people seeking asylum is good. 

Shoes from Vegetarian Shoes

Hair Tie from Ruby Red Rogue

Photography by Jon Hobbs.

Parachute Pin from Parachute Promise and Q Link from Healthy House

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