Trail Blazers’ Conference October: Practical Wellness & Daily Rituals [TLC Fundraiser]

TurningTrailBlazerSmallThe seasons are changing, we are going through an equinox cleanse, the new year draws near and 2012 is sweeping into winter.

Underpinning our practice, carving out and protecting space for wellness, casting a vote for your healing rights – it’s time.

Maybe you are new to wellness and don’t have one little clue where to begin, you are reaching for a roadmap, wishing for a handbook and we can give you that here.

It could be that you are a wellness veteran and you have done it all and the wheatgrass. Yet if you look at your day to day life you can’t remember the last time you moved your body, did something nice for your adrenals, celebrated at the stove-kitchen-cooking-altar or did anything really other than work/sleep/stress and oh, uh, work.

In the sweet pocket of truth down inside your heart, you know what you need. Space, sweet self love and practical actions that you will see a difference from but don’t need to clone yourself to have time for or sell your house to pay for. The gentleness, the healing, the solidarity and community accountability move you. Your Trail Blazer sisters understand.

Let’s get back to basics for Autumn. We need to consolidate before we expand.

I’ve spent the last month coming back to my wellness practices and back to the mat as part of a process of restorative healing, join the journey.

We will be building a practice which provides stability and strong foundations without constriction.

Shake off the mean headmistress or perfect penny in your head who tells you that you will never be good enough, and to get on the mat for 100 sit-ups, now!

We are gently, restoratively healing by providing a foundation for health and ease. It’s so much more adding juice and jumping to your daily routine, this is the platform that let’s you launch your dreams, and it’s somewhere to come home to when bad days hit and times are hard.

What Will the Conference Cover?

:: Essential Healing Practices – we get down to it. What must we do and how can we make it work. Lost? Overwhelmed by Google? We will help you carve through to what you really need to know. We’ve all heard of all the wellness-woo-woo under the sun but the next big craze won’t help you, what’s going to make the difference is a solid Healing Plan and we will help you craft yours.

:: Your Healing Plan – this is the crux, and all the magic is here. If we want to go on a Healing Journey, if we want to step off the path and blaze our own trail we need a map. And that map is your Healing Plan.

:: Making the Change in the World – how to implement your new changes. It’s no good making lots of plans if they fall as soon as wishful thinking hits real life. When our changes come into contact with other people sparks can fly but don’t worry Trail Blazers, we cover how to navigate these conversations with style and sweetness.

:: Excuses Oh No! – I’d say we kick them out of the door, but we really unpack and defuse them.

:: Planning for Practicality with Magic – the big secret behind The Secret which will help your healing.

:: You Are My Super Shero – what does wellness look like? I’m sharing my daily routines and we are building our own version of wellness. Bare in mind that yoga pretzels and super-toned thighs are not the only versions of health and we are busting all the myths here.

This month we are coming together for a special reason – to support Tammi’s healingTammi is the sister of Terri Cole, a friend of mine and one of our proud Trail Blazers. Tammi has liver cancer, she is looking into liver transplant surgery as it is her last treatment option but after the surgery she will be unable to work for 6 months. All the proceeds from the conference will go to support Tammi as she heals and to alleviate financial the burden Tammi, her husband and their four children have been under from this year-long cancer journey. 

I really, really want us to raise money for Tammi and to that end I am making this Conference unmissable and loading it with so many goodies you can’t pass it up. You get all the goodies below and Tammi gets the money she needs to heal, so get your ticket now.

Everyone who buys a ticket to Trail Blazers’ Conference October gets:

:: A ticket to the Conference itself. It’s a live, international telecall of splendiferousness. Don’t worry, you get a recording but it is an amazing experience live. You will come away with essential teachings (see above).

:: Access to our secret (and not-so-secretly-fabulous) Trail Blazers’ Facebook Cafe.

:: Live coaching from me and my special guests and this is an exclusive offer because these special ladies are highly-sought health experts.

:: Energy and body work live on the call. This is more than just a Conference call you listen to, it’s a full immersion experience in practical healing and wellness action. You leave feeling not just inspired but oh-goodness, fired up and sparkling.

:: Membership and access to Trail Blazing Live: our 30 day group wellness practice project. Together, we will implement the wellness shifts we have made in the Conference and you will have the love and support of your Trail Blazing sisters as well as my coaching expertise and trouble shooting as you move through the 30 days. I guarantee at the end of the 30 days, if you have followed the program you will feel lighter, brighter and have your chosen wellness habits in action.

:: A copy of the Trail Blazers’ Wellness Handbook. This action-packed and loving ebook will not only guide you through the healing crises and craving moments, it also holds your hand through the 30 day (and the rest of your life) project with prompts, prayers and healing tips.

:: Phone time and wisdom from our Super-Duper Special Guests which are to be announced. (I know, you are on the edge of your seats, but grab your ticket and know it will be worth the wait).

I’ve never offered this much for £15/$25 before, but I want you to have access to this info and Tammi to have the money she needs to be well.

All the Hot Details: 

It’s on Monday 29th October, at 7pm to 8.30pm UK time. Remember UK people our clocks change back one hour on Sunday 28th.

For the US the times are: Eastern – 3pm, Central – 2pm, Mountain – 1pm and Pacific – 12 Midday.

For New Zealand, the Conference is 8am on Tuesday 30th October.

It’s all via teleconference so if you have access to a computer, smart phone or hijacked phone line you can join us. You just call in and join in the wisdom party!

Get your ticket now and you’ll get all the details.

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