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Want to be in my club?

writing imageI just had a consult with the marvellous Bindu Wiles, whose writing and photography I have, it’s true been in love with for some time.

I got my homework and the first part is to create a writing group.

And for that I need you. Yes, in a Kitchener way. 

In person or online or a delicious combination I don’t know yet. But we can meet weekly/monthly through group Skype or on google+ and share our writing, giving feedback and tips with love, gentleness but most importantly with truth.

Because I am a writer and I love writing. I write the way I read, prolifically, obsessively and constantly. I am never without a book or a pen and pad. What if there was a book emergency?* It is not enough for me to write, I need to learn, to craft and hone, to write really really well, then better than that. And onwards. 

I cannot find a non-fiction writing group in my area, not even at the university, and when Natalie Goldberg wanted to learn to write she taught it. So let’s teach, share and learn with each other. I’m thinking writing feedback, trouble shooting, guest writers sharing their wisdom and putting the magic from our favourite writing guides into practice. 

Are you with me? Email grace AT gracequantock.com and jump in. 

Love and scribbling x

* A book emergency is, of course, when you are stranded/delayed/anywhere and need a book. You always need a book.