Sparkly Launch Party – Welcome to the new

Hello dear one,

How wonderful to meet you. Delighted to see you here. I do hope you will enjoy my sparkling new website!

Please, allow me to introduce myself; I’m Grace Quantock, wellness provocateur, writer, ethical entrepreneur and sick chick going global!

Thank you all so much for the love, support, joy and glitter around my website launch and our sparkly launch party yesterday!  

We had the best time and I am so grateful and touched that you all took part – either in person on the call/webcast, or through sending your best wishes or waves of glitter and love. Here is your call recording, you can download it online from:

This Luscious Launch Party call includes…

* Learn how to turn your Stumbling Blocks into Mounting Blocks… 

* Hear how I rocked this and get hot-seat trouble shooting to help you bust through your blocks too.

* Get wisdom direct from top Business Bombshell Coach Erika Lyremark Daily Whip.

* Have the chance to win a free Soul Detox Session with me (worth $99). And other super duper mini-prizes too, but you have to be there LIVE to grab your prize!

* Party! Dresses, cakes, balloons, sparkling high heels and rocking music.  All online, direct to you via the wonders of the internet!

You can dig out your shiniest shoes, best dress and big dream ready to dance it into being with us. 

See you there, dear one. 

Oh, and you’ll need your rocking playlist to party:

Do your thang

One girl revolution

The dog days are over

Clap your hands and stomp your feet

Around the world

What do we do here on

Inspiration, healing how-to’s, it’s liberation stations as we clear your blocks to wellness and joy, bringing real-life-dreams-come-true and sparkle to your world. 

There is a how-to guide to turning from Sick Chick to Trail Blazer reclaiming your world and beginning your healing journey.

If you want to learn how to cope and thrive (not just survive) with serious or chronic illness, how to heal and grow in your life.

Or be treated to some healing and clearing with a Soul Detox Session then settle down with some rooibos tea with almond milk* and dive in sweet-heart.

Trip over here to see my Bio and why you should listen to me about shaking up your world and jump over to Services for all the gifts and gems I’m sharing with you today.

If you want to get on track or take your wellness to the next level then sign up to our newsletter above and turn Trail Blazer in your life! Hot news and hallelujah moments will be coming your way.

Love and Reiki,

 * Grace * xxxxxxxx

*or your beverage of choice.