Sky – A Poem, A Promise, A Changed World.

1344091021601“When the stories crowd into your heart space

And they push out the words from your head
The crossroads are looking much closer
Just like all those words that you said
And the swirling is getting stronger
Wild winds pick you up with a cry
But there is sweetness at the centre
Of a thousand shades of sky.”

A poem of mine, for you, while I am buried in book proposal finishing. A beautiful thing to be spending all my time on, I miss you and will resume regular service asap.

Don’t forget to sign up to our TrailBlazers’ Conference August, 27/08/2012

Hot topics covered:

:: What people CAN say when someone is ill/living with a disability. We often talk about all the awful comments we get so lets create some ones we love. A quick review of disability etiquette, just because we are living with one disability does not mean we know the general etiquette for, e.g speaking to a deaf person. Let’s be the change.

:: Advanced Energy Work to strengthen our energetic white picket fences.

:: Empowerment Bingo – a fun way to cope with comments. Based on the infamous 6th Form History Bingo but much more world-changing.

:: Your FAQs – what they are and why you need them.

:: Pitch Perfect: What’s Wrong With You? – a collaboration with Dyana Valentine to help you craft your illness/wellness pitch and never again get the deer-in-headlights moment when someone asks “so, what’s wrong with you?”

:: Super-special guests Melissa DeLay – Message Maven at TruPerception.com and an expert in akward conversations and Randi Buckley a world class coach who facilitates resolutions to inner and interpresonal struggles. Melissa and Randi will be sharing their wisdom and advice on how we can navigate these difficult conversations.

The conference will create community, solidarity, trouble-shoot practical challenges, instigate new realisations and shift consciousness towards self care, pride and empowerment.