Finding Focus: Insights for Exploring our Divinity

Finding Focus: Exploring Our Divinity black text over picture of prayer flags on mountains china

“…I didn’t have time to pray, I had to make use of every spare moment for the seemingly endless array of things on my ‘to-do’ list…

When I had no choice, when those little structures that we erect to keep ourselves going started cracking, I did stop.

And in the stillness, I realised anew that comfort, renewal, and deep peace can always be found in the present moment if we allow ourselves even a few minutes to rest with our Source.

No matter what the circumstances of our lives are, we can place ourselves in the presence of the Divine, the moment we decide to be still, to breathe, to release our worries and our heartbreak to God, to ease ourselves gently into the silence of the Sacred.”

Maggie Oman Shannon

Holding a focus beyond ourselves is so powerful, so transformative, so potent. And so often neglected.

When I feel too grasping, too constricted, too perfectionist in my self-care practices I make them into an offering: I offer them up to someone or something beyond myself.

My yoga asanas are an offering for a friend’s healing.

My green juice is a toast to God in gratitude for getting to see another sunrise.

My journalling is dedicated to Persephone in honour of bringing light and knowledge to my own darkest places.

Maybe you recognise a Divinity, connect to the Universe, your Higher Self, your intuition or your own inner wisdom. Whatever you call it, in all of this, much of the communication comes through listening and expression. These are ways of exploring our divinity.

What do we call that expression/reflection relationship? Prayer is a loaded word, I know. Can we think of prayer as a form of connection? A loving conversation with whatever higher power or self we recognise?

For some of us, prayer is steeped in preconceived notions and some of our oldest or most traditional thoughts. However, I think exploring our divinity further can be good whether we have a healthy, active prayer life or if prayer as a concept is a big struggle.

I can do with shining light on + sparkling up my prayerful practice. Where to begin in exploring our divinity? Join me!

Lets start with reflection:

What are your thoughts about prayer?

Where did you learn to pray?

What does your faith (if any) say about prayer?

How did your ancestors pray?

Are there other ways of prayer in the world that you are drawn to? What do you feel about them?

You can answer these questions in your head or grab your journal or some paper and a nice sharp pencil and take the time to explore these more fully. Maybe create some deeper soul prayers of your own.

What’s your relationship with prayer? Let me know in the comments!

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