Gratitude & Grace List: Bright Edition

Gratitude & Grace List Bright Edition black text on paint brushes with red, purple and blue paint on them

As you know if you’ve been following my tweets closely (and if not, why not?) I’m currently half way through Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse Tune Up and deep (downward dogs) into Marianne Elliot’s 90 Days of Yoga. I love it, truly, deeply, shiningly. And I am loving how I feel as we move into winter.

One of the Adventure Cleanse Tune-Up’s daily prompts was to write a love list, I’m so overflowing with love I wanted to share mine with you here.

When I look for things online, I look to read cheery, lovely posts of smiling things. So I thought I should put more of those on my site.

(I also spend quite a lot of time googling what does _____ mean? And then wishing I hadn’t. I’ve just finished reading JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy which include descriptions of things I didn’t even know existed, and I say now, I’m quite sure they can’t be true.)

Enough of that, on with the foof!

I love…

1. Paint charts – you know, artist’s paint charts. I love the colours and their gorgeous names. Who wouldn’t love cerulean, scarlet and, my favourite, crimson.

paint chart

2. FloraVital – because it looks like Tixylix. Floravital is a vegan of Floradix iron supplement, but the important thing here is that they both look like Tixylix. I loved Tixylix, but when I was older they changed the flavor because apparently it was so yummy children kept drinking it!


3. Alanis Morisette – her Jagged Little Pill album is on repeat.

4. 90 Days of Yoga – I love it, I love going deeper into my practice. I love being gentle in my healing.


5. Miso – I’ve never known why but I’ve loved it from the first taste. It’s so grounding, earthy and just yum.

6. Secret Surprise Road Trips with Linus and Bertie.

road trip

7. Planning the next Trail Blazers’ Conference

8. Healing Boxes making smiles. And making the popcorn for box packaging with the super-fun popcorn maker!

391330 411424165582238_1390167553_n

9. Having toes the same colour as the sky.

toes sky

10. Minisinoo‘s fanfic which inspires me to be a better writer.