The ‘Why Me?’ Blues

Things can get better. I believe that. And I'm believing it for you when you can't, ok?)Have ever had one of those days, when being grown up seems like more than you can bear?

When all of your healing, your self development and spiritual work is not helping you?

Not only that but it feels like it’s hurting you because you aren’t seeing the message or the lesson in your chronic pain/broken leg/recurring depression?
You’ve got the ‘Why Me?’ Blues.

And one some level, you have good reasons…

I mean come on, what happened? Did a star misalign? We’re you unkind to a nun in a past life?

You are quietly minding your own business and then slowly (or suddenly) the body you’ve been living in stops doing what it’s always done.

And all hell breaks loose.

Why me is a persistent but unanswerable question.

Kris Carr, in Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips writes that she doesn’t ask, ‘why me?’ but ‘why not me?’

A very good question.

But what happens when you’ve been good? I mean very, very good. You held open doors for people, said your prayers, ate your vegetables, stayed out of the sun and drank your kale. What then?

I used to scare people as I had always been ever-so good and done everything we are supposed to do to be well.

Even when we’ve done all we can do, sometimes still there is more.

I don’t ask ‘why me?’ Instead I ask, what can I do now?

It’s impossible for me to fully and completely know why I became ill. We can have an understanding, and do some sleuthing to find out the roots so we can heal from the real struggles not just symptoms.

But to me the most important question is not, how did I get here, but where do I go from here?

Me? I choose to blaze my own trail.

I’d love for you to join me…

Turn Trail Blazer Today.