You Are Beautiful.

PlatoI can’t remember the last time I looked in a mirror and loved every single-little-large-gorgeous-thing I could see.
I can’t remember the last time I saw a magazine or television show which featured someone with an illness or disability without them looking sad/brave.
I can’t remember a time when that doesn’t hurt.
I have enough hurt. I want liberation.
I want to feel beautiful. 
I want to relax within my skin.
I want to exhale.
I want to shout and celebrate.
I want to pick my clothes based on what I feel like wearing.
I want to live the shining I feel inside.
I want to fly in the face of all that denies me.
I want to love my individual, sweet and scarred beauty just as it is.
I will liberate myself from self-hatred and shame.
I will turn scars into battle medals and beauty marks.
I am going to make my own path.
And I will blaze a trail behind me.

Will you join me?

Sick Chick to Trail Blazers’ June Beauty and Health Challenges – the Waist Height and Wearing Conference.

Friday, 29 June 2012 from 19:00 to 20:30 (BST)

Hot topics covered:

:: From Waist Height and Wearing – what it is and how you can get in on the project.

:: Standards of beauty and our own self-image with illness and disability.

:: Power of our own beauty and self-worth.

:: Fashionable Practicalities.

:: Guest Speakers

Elissa Ashwood of speaking about being a cancer survivor in training, a 33 dresses superstar and a fulfilment instigatrix.

The conference will create community, solidarity, trouble-shoot practical challenges, instigate new realisations and shift consciousness towards self care, pride and empowerment.

Where: Online via Teleconference and secret Facebook cafe.

What you get:

:: Monthly Teleconference.

:: Group and one on one coaching on the call.

:: Secret Sick Chick to Trail Blazer Facebook Cafe.

:: Guest interviews.

:: Troubleshooting

:: Energy work

Our last conference was a beautiful triumph with special guests Michelle Ward of, Kyeli of and Dr Callie Broussard Wheeler of and the newly published book Healing From Cordon Bleu to Cancer at

Want a sample? You can hear Michelle, Kyeli and Callie guest speaking here.

Pricing: £15.00/ $25 per conference.

How do I get a ticket?

Book via Eventbrite