Get Connected! With the World At Large…and Our “Secret” Vlog

Reflections of Grace & Linus in water with wheelchair wheelHave you seen my Wellness Provocateur Vlog? If not, what are you waiting for? Check it out. (You’ll be glad you did!)

But I’ve got a secret. Vlog, that is. And it hasn’t been public…until now.

It’s the L & B WALK VLOG!

You see, Linus and Bertie go for a walk every day, and although we love our wheelchair ride adventures, I can’t always go with them. Not wanting me to miss out on this very special time, Linus created the L & B Walk Vlogs to share the joy. And there is so much joy to be had out and about with my husband and pup!

Seeing the landscape change, noticing those miniscule, beautiful differences – the buttercups coming up, the leaves changing, the ducklings swimming, the baby frogs hopping everywhere – it’s so very healing, and keeps us so very present.

I’ve already travelled my precious duo’s routes, so the Walk Vlogs keep me up with these natural transitions and life cycles, on top of getting the scoop on those wickedly funny things Bertie does on his daily treks (sneaking off into someone’s garden, anyone? Adorable, puzzled looks upon being unceremoniously removed from them?)

With the Walk Vlogs I get to see and experience them too. Linus carries me on the walks with him in his heart every day and now, I get a video too. It’s a way for me to be a part of their routine, to connect with the landscape, to enjoy! What a gift.

All it takes is a digicam, and an intention.

It’s amazing how many things in our daily routes (and routines!) we miss until we look through the lens.

Exercise and being outdoors is important, but if you are chronically ill, at times, this can prove difficult. Having someone Vlog for you, or checking in with the environment via nature cameras can be an amazing part of your healing journey. Not being able to be outdoors no longer means that you can’t see or appreciate the outdoors. Others may walk locally, but being disabled and thinking laterally, we aren’t limited by lack of possible physicality, time, expense, or distance. Being disabled no longer means one can’t see and experience the world at large. It’s modern technology at its best.

That most important thing, a deep connection with nature, can be easily had, no matter where it is. No matter where you are. No matter what.

Where can you reach out, digitally that you can’t physically?

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