farmhouse 2

From Waist Height and Wearing 2

farmhouse 2
These are the first fashion shots we ever took. Went out with the camera phone, looking crazily-dressed up and wondering what the neighbours would think. Thankfully either they are used to us being odd or were too polite to say anything. This was our experiment, was this photo fashion blogging project viable?

Is this self indulgent? Maybe, but it is radical for me and bigger than just my photographs. Since this project I have been more confident, I am feeling taller, prouder. So often people just see the wheelchair and not me within it. Let’s face it, it’s just an accessory which helps me get where I want to go. 

I think the revolution beats the self-indulgence, but I’m 24 years old and when else can I do this? The time is now for me and you for us all.

I love my body, I love it sick, broken, bruised, cursed, abused, beautiful and used I love it so much. I love my soul within it. Radical love right down into my bones.

farmhouse shoot_1

I’m wearing my sisters big faux fur jacket. It is so obviously faux I think I am ok with it. Vintage diamante necklace and lace blouse from New York. I find in the wheelchair coats are important and people tend to see what is on my feet and my shoulders more than in my middle. 

Planning your photographs? What are your fashion challenges?

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