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From Waist Height and Wearing 11

How to join in, or behind the scenes at our photo-shoots. Now, as my mother reminds me, I am not a model. And you certainly don’t have to be to join in on From Waist Height & Wondering. You are so beautiful anyway. 

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:: Plan your favourite outfit.

:: Get someone with a camera. Or give them your camera phone and brief instructions on which button to jab at. 

:: Get situated and strike your pose.

:: Tips – don’t pull your shoulders up, it’s a reflex but relax them. Practice first in the mirror to decide what to do with your mouth. It’s harder than it sounds.

:: Or just smile. You will glow because of that.

:: Pen a few lines about your outfit and why you love it.

:: Send it off to me grace AT gracequantock DOT com. 

:: See it here and enjoy!

You don’t have to be a wheelchair user, if you are living with an illness or disability then you are a candidate. I called it Waist Height because it is me, and my last photo series was called From Waist Height. But send in your pics and let’s see your style. 

Outfit: Cardigan from Grandma – hey, she’s is a stylish woman. And how many people can say they share clothes with their grandchildren, the 19, 24 and 29 year olds? Fabulous Grandma. 


Komodo skirt.

Bamboo socks from Elle.

Purple vegan made-in-the-uk Dr Martins. You can’t get them any more but Veggie Shoes do very similar ones. And ones with steel toe caps and vegan motorcycle boots, all of which I love. 

Cool Crutches.

If you are a woman with illness or disability are you in on our Sick Chick to Trail Blazers’ Conference next week? Get your ticket here