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From Waist Height and Wearing 10

Flee the_nest_1Practicalities or What We Learned from Painful Experience.

:: Shorter skirts don’t work in powerchairs or scooters as when you go fast your skirt will fly up. Especailly if it is a windy day. So either longer skirts of leggings please. 

:: Clothes with a wide waist band, like these fold over trousers are more comfortable than narrow waist bands which can dig in a lot. Also bear in mind the size your waist is when getting dressed in the AM may be different to the PM. Dress accordingly.

Flee the_Nest_2:: If your feet will swell bear this in mind when you buy your shoes. Or pick shoes you can take on and off easily, and take lovely flip flops in your bag, if you don’t mind wearing them home. Don’t panic, if you wear something with enough panache it will just look like the fasion. 

:: Suspenders don’t work so well sitting down as they are digging into you all day. Hold ups are the way to go. Don’t talk to me about tights/pantyhose. Just no. 


:: If you struggle to get your nails cut and shaped and your carer just isn’t doing it right then go to a beautician. You can get very very very cheap prices if you go to a local college where they are studying beauty and need to practice their treatments. Ring your local college or further education centre and ask. This turns a disability frustration into a lovely treat. 

Flee the_nest_4:: Draw-strong waists will make you look like a sack with a string tied around it whatever your ability. Avoid.

:: If someone else dresses you and doesn’t think fashion is important, suggest you use it as a way to access independence. 

:: Plan outfits in your head and put them together to see if they work. Take photos, what we think looks good and how things actually look in reality can be very different.

:: You want to go with seams that are flatter and softer. And fabrics that won’t make sores when you sit on creases all day. Linen may be out for day-in-day-out wear. 

:: If you are self propelling your wheelchair, make sure you can move your arms enough. Some coats are too restrictive. If you have a powerchair or are attendant propelled, wear what you like! 

Flee the_nest_6:: Horizontal stripes suit very few, I doubt you are one of the few. Avoid.

:: Organic or natural fabrics are more breathable and comfortable. Slowly suffocating in polyester (ewww), less than fun. 

:: You can always get things tailored.

:: Trench coats are difficult sitting down, jackets that hit the waist work well. 

Flee the_nest_last_but_one:: For the rain there are bags made, like a waterproof sleeping bag for your legs to go in, faux fur lined. They are awful, only come in one colour and are not flattering. But nor is a blanket over one’s knees. So far if I am going out in the rain I wear all outdoor gear to match the rainprooflegbag thing, or avoid rain. Until they come in funky polka dots. I’m working on this one. 

:: A-line skirts lookstraight sitting down without pulling across your hips.

:: Jersey which drapes and hangs well is beautiful.

:: Dresses work very well, especially empire line.

:: Layer things so you don’t come apart at the middle and end up pulling garments down all the time. 

:: French knickers or cami knickers or teddies can be easier to mange alone. That is all I’m saying here, if you have challenges in independent bathroom needs then you will know what I mean. 

Flee the_nest_last:: Front fastening bras or organic bras which do not itch. So much easier.


Gifted jacket with Follow Your Heart Pin.

Komodo T-Shirt.

Maternity Jeans and gifted satin tousled skirt. 

Shoes from Laura of Healing Boxes.

Silver Heart Chakra necklace handmade by me.

Rock ‘n’ Rose Headband.

This is geared towards wheelchair users as I use a wheelchair, send in your tips for other forms of adaptable clothing and I will include them. I need your pictures people. Yourself in your favourite outfit and a little about it. You don’t need to be a wheelchair user, just someone dressing with a disability or illness which you manage.

Thank you once again to the amazing, wonderful Jon Hobbs for photography. 

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