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Story seeking sessions: therapeutic writing as a gift to your body-soul

N.B: Personal Mythmaking is currently in session and not open for enrollment. But if you are still interested in working with me for a Story Session just email grace AT and we can speak further about your needs and how to get them met. 

If you’re anything like me you’ve always wanted to write your memoir. It feels like a calling, a joyful and terrifying challenge you can’t avoid, yet keep avoiding.

In fact, it often feels too daunting to approach your life story and start writing it down. There’s so much going on. And, you wonder if your story is interesting.

Or if you’ll be opening too many cans of worms to manage. Or if you might hurt someone or many someones in the process of examining your own life.

And you don’t want to cause more pain, to yourself or others.

Plus it’s overwhelming. And you wonder if you’re deluding yourself. If you’ll be a terrible writer.

So you just keep putting it off.

Because of this, you’re starting to feel frustrated. Pent-up. Because when you’re called to something, you can’t set it aside.

But, if you’re anything like me, the calling keeps tapping you on the shoulder, pestering you in subtle and not so subtle ways until you heed the call.

Until you turn and face your own stories. Your own lineages. Your own legacy. And start writing it down. Start exploring. Start healing.

So how do we look at our vast, storied and varied lives and get started with writing it down?

I started with my journal. Working with therapeutic journalling has been a gift to my body and soul for many years.

Swirling through the green inked pages is my deep love of myth and poetry. Studying psychotherapeutic counselling I learned the unconscious speaks to us in metaphor and what deep medicine the right story is, at the right time.

But we are all too often stuffed with the stories of others – the stories of what we should-could-must-can’t think or be. It’s a practice to seek our precious soul-story under all the clamouring voices.

For those of us who are marginalised, it can be a potent form of resistance.

If we are living with chronic pain, life crisis, health challenges, grief or caring responsibilities this can be a part of our healing path. 

I have years of experience working with people with multiple marginalisations, chronic illness, pain and/or life challenges. I can support your personal journey of personal mythmaking. That’s why I am offering 3 Story Seeking Sessions. I adore Janelle and her course Personal Mythmaking. I want to offer Story Seeking support to anyone wanting to take it. 

How we work together

I offer coaching worldwide, if you speak English and have a phone or internet connection, we can work together.

I work primarily via Skype. We’ll meet (generally) weekly in a one on one private session.

Total transparency here – Janelle is choosing to spend her advertising dollars for her class Personal Mythmaking on people like me, who’ve already participated in (and LOVE) her program rather than on strangers and CEOs of places like Facebook and Instagram. I’m all for keeping our money in our communities, so I do receive some $ if you sign up through me (and get my Story Seeking Sessions).

I am experienced in working with people with varying disabilities and am happy to adapt the coaching methods and delivery to your needs.

Although I am training in as a therapist, in psychotherapeutic humanistic and integrative counselling, and my coaching practice is influenced by this, this isn’t therapy. We are working together to create possibilities and support for you, it’s collaborative. I will bring in all my skills and knowledge where appropriate, everything from mindful movement, art journalling, story-making, myth exploration, creative practices, to sacred or energy work.

No false scarcity, but because of the deep nature of my work, there are only 3 Story Seeking Sessions available. 

You can secure a Story Seeking Session by sending an email to grace AT and we will schedule your session. Sessions are $135 an hour.

If you resonate with this, please join me. However, if you are interested in this coaching because you feel manipulated, a fear of missing out, false scarcity, or that any hesitation you have is “just an excuse and means you don’t want it badly enough”, please do not purchase this, as I don’t want to be a part of, or participate in creating that experience for you.

If you feel this is a path or truth, depth, transformation, and kindness, then I am already doing my job and would love to have you join us. (credit to Randi Buckley)


• If you are looking for me to tell you how to live

• If you are looking for an easy fix (I can’t promise an easy nor a quick fix, nor a fix, as I don’t see you are broken, but beautiful and creatively adjusting to life/body/environmental circumstances in the best way possible at this time)

• If you are looking for a 10 step plan that works for everyone

…then this isn’t for you. And I respectfully invite you to find someone who can meet that, and I wish you luck in your journey.

Outline your memoir

Interested? I want this to be a great choice for you and it makes sense to see if it’s a fit first. So why not start with my friend Janelle’s free workshop: Outline Your Memoir.

In this workshop, we’ll review our lives so far, clarify patterns and themes and then draw out our stories.

The workshop includes looking at:

·            Your timelines

·            Rites of passage (both the known and the unknown)

·            Moments of decision

·            Pivotal experiences

·            Themes & patterns (perhaps some you never knew were there)

·            You’ll step through the doorways into your stories and discover the entry points into our lives

You’ll finish the workshop with:

·            Enthusiasm!

·            a timeline of your life so far

·            a detailed map of the themes that have dominated your life

·            ideas and inspiration & a plan for where to start & focus on

·            mindshower documents to support your memoir writing efforts

·            a playful sense of the future direction of your life

Join me and @janellehardybodylove for Outline Your Memoir: A free workshop to discover your life story and start writing it down.

N.B: Personal Mythmaking is currently in session and not open for enrollment. But if you are still interested in working with me for a Story Session just email grace AT and we can speak further about your needs and how to get them met.