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Healing Boxes is Now Open

Healing Boxes_1Healing Boxes is now open! Yes, we are, after all the working, supporting, help and miracles we are open.

So if you want a gift for a loved one, want to support someone struggling with pain or illness then go over to and www.healing-boxes.com and get them a box of healing goodies!

Healing Boxes C.I.C has opened today! The online-doors are open now to Healing Boxes, a non-profit sending boxes of support, information and healing goodies to those with chronic and serious illness. 

Today we have a fabulous online launch party kicking off with over 50 attendees and extra special guests.

We set up Healing Boxes with the support of friends and family after I became ill and we use my experience of living with chronic illness to help provide support to others in the same situation. 

After all, if someone is in hospital, after bringing fruit and flowers what do you give? If someone has just been diagnosed with a serious illness and a “get well soon” card won’t quite cut it or just isn’t appropriate what can you send? When a loved one is ill and your heart is hurting for them and you just wish there was something you could give them or do to make the whole awful experience a little easier…. that’s why I make Healing Boxes.

Healing Boxes change lives:

“Your box has been the only thing that has made me smile for ages, love you to bits because people like you make the world a special place. I use the affirmation cards every day and they help lend me the strength to face my day”

– Nicola Berry, Artist and Art Therapist. Founder of Works of Heart, art therapy charity. Living with multiple health conditions including a broken neck and nerve damage.

Go to www.healing-boxes.com to see our new online home and get your lovely box!