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From Waist Height & Wearing 13

Dell 1Hiding in plain sight. How we cover and how we love our bodies. 

How proud and happy are you with your body? Ill, or well, impaired or non-disabled? There are very few people who can say they are fully happy with their bodies. Otherwise, why would spanx just have made a million? 

We hide in plain sight every day. In ‘slimming’ (invisible, stealthy, look away) black. In reducing the looks of our differences. 


I adore these photographs. I pictured them in my mind before we ever shot them. But is it fair for me to shoot photographs of myself up like this, when out of sight of the camera are people waiting to catch me if I fall, seconds away from me, so I am up for the shot and then held a moment later? Is this Dell 2
hiding my challenges, or is it the nature of art?

I don’t normally go about dressed in wellies and chiffon, but I thought the contrast would look wonderful here. I dressed this way for these photographs, I posed this way for the photographs, but I couldn’t do it daily.

That is not anyone else’s business though, and it is no one’s business what impairments you are living with, and if you want to cover up or not. But you shouldn’t have to. If other people are uncomfortable around you, then that is their problem – I know they make it yours, but if we begin with our proud intention that we are beautiful and ok then we move forward stronger. 

Your cane, your frame, your feed, your port are things that are helping you live. We can make peace and embrace the aids we live with.Dell 3

You know what made these shots possible? A wheelchair, crutches and strong people around me. I am so grateful for that.

It must have been over 8 years since I had my feet in a stream, since I have paddled or had my toes on the ground of a field. So this is amazing for me. And these photographs are a celebration of that. I am so happy. 

How are you happy and celebrating your body today, with or without the aids? 


Green chiffon dress – thift shop

Slip – vintage

Hunter Wellingtons (they are the best, Mum has red, little sis has silver and cousin has golden ones)

Dell 4Necklace – handmade myself

Bracelets – Pin Curl Girls.

Scarf – sewn by Grandma Dean

Thank you once again to the amazing, wonderful Jon Hobbs for photography. 

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