Announcing The 2014 Phoenix Fire Academy

The Phoenix Fire AcademyThis is a love letter.

To you who’s been diagnosed. Has struggled with long standing illness.

Whose obstacles are dictating your limits, and whose true and purest potential has been hemmed in.

This is an invitation. 

To you, whose old life has been burned away by adversity. You, who has a fire smouldering at your centre. A hunger for a new way.

A new beginning.

To take your diagnoses and hardships and turn them into something else.

Something different. Something abundant.

Something better.

This is that opportunity. A turning point.

Disability doesn’t mean isolation and fear. Diagnosis doesn’t mean the end of joy, fun, ease and freedom. Your challenges can be shaped into meaningful transitions that set you on a path to full on Trail Blazing.

Something as limited as pain cannot tell the whole story of your expansive, bright, wild human soul.

But you can.

Fire burns, leaving destruction and loss in its wake. But it tempers, too. Sears. Refines. And often gives birth to that which is even more brilliant and beautiful than we ever thought possible.

Fire can spark an uprising. A re-birth.

The Phoenix Fire Academy is set to launch! 

A powerful, new program to nurture your rise from the ashes and embolden you to blaze a fiery, fabulous trail full of possibility.

The Phoenix Fire Academy is my ultimate offering to date.

I’m sharing everything I’ve learned from 14 years of living with chronic illness, being an award-winning wellness provocateur and studying under teachers worldwide. In a myriad of ways, with tangible, innovative methods and tools exclusive to our program. PLUS access to a Healing Team, a personalised Healing Blueprint and a community of tenacious, empathetic women wrangling their struggles, celebrating their victories and turning Trail Blazer alongside you.

The Phoenix Fire Academy is designed to inject a unique liberation into your life and to make living with illness and challenges easier.

No more “just surviving,” “treading water” or “getting by” day to day. Our tested and true Phoenix Fire Academy lessons are mindfully crafted to guide you into an abundant, fulfilling life with chronic illness, disability, pain or struggle.

We’ll craft your Healing Blueprint, clear your environment for wellness, create the best possible team to help you heal and teach you how to manage good days, bad days, getting better, worse and everything in between.

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Claim your spot in our 2014 Phoenix Fire Academy Beta. The Academy runs just once this year and is being offered exclusively, right now, at 50% off the regular price.

Our inaugural class is already half full! So, get your phoenix fire on and snap up your place now by enrolling here.

Still unsure if Phoenix Fire is right for you?

Sign-up for the Phoenix Fire Freebie, a complimentary 15-minute session with me that’ll give you a taste of what’s to come. Together, we’ll also identify the one thing you can shift TODAY that’ll make the biggest difference in your life – and healing – now.

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It all begins September 1st 2014.

Registration is open now through August 29.

This is your chance.

Rise up and fly.

The Phoenix Fire Academy ~

See you on the wild side, Trail Blazer.

With love, and phoenix feathers,

Grace xxxx