Ready to Rise? More Phoenix Fire Details!

The Phoenix Fire AcademyThe Phoenix Fire Academy: A powerful, new program to nurture your rise from the ashes and embolden you to blaze a fiery, fabulous trail full of possibility.

Are you: 

Tired of constantly being tired?

Fed up of with trying out new healing modalities but never seeing lasting change?

Drowning in the chaos of a new diagnosis?

Done with circling the healing block only to end up where you began?

Near tears from the skeptical looks and questions from people you thought would understand?

Being told there’s “no cure” by your doctor and unsure where to turn?

Sure there must be a better way than this, but don’t know where to start?

Then we’ve created The Phoenix Fire Academy especially for YOU!

After graduating from The Phoenix Fire Academy you will: 

Have a deeper understanding of your own diagnosis and options.

Carry a toolkit of coping strategies to manage the ups and downs of illness and pain.

Know how to cope on good days, bad days and all the days in between.

Feel like you love your body as it is, right now.

Come away with a personalised Healing Blueprint to use for life.

Be part of a strong community of women to heal and growth with.

Feel seen and understood.

Know you are in just the right place.

Be confident in your health choices.

Learn to spend money on only what you need (no more regretting your health purchases!)

Have a Healing Team of professionals working with – and for – you.

No longer have white-coat fear.

I’ll be teaching you everything I’ve learned in 14+ years of living with chronic illness, being an award-winning wellness provocateur and studying under renowned teachers, worldwide. In a myriad of ways, with tangible, innovative methods and tools exclusive to our program.

PLUS access to a Healing Team, a personalised Healing Blueprint and a community of tenacious, empathetic women wrangling their struggles, celebrating their victories and turning Trail Blazer alongside you.

It all begins September 1st 2014. 

Registration is open now through August 29. 

The Phoenix Fire Academy is for you if: 

You have a chronic illness, pain or struggle, yet still want to live well.

You are ready for a change.

You believe in yourself and your possibilities…or want to.

You know that there’s a space between miraculously cured and giving up.

You recognise that your disabilities are simply the footnotes of your life. And that your life can be a beautiful, true adventure story.

The Phoenix Fire Academy is NOT for you if: 

You are looking for a magic bullet.

You believe that illness and pain are signs of a lack of personal growth.

You criticise others.

Questions, Answers…and Deciding if PFA is For You

Second thoughts about signing up? Resistance often comes up when taking big, bold steps, but it doesn’t have to hold you back! We want you to be 100% confident, and excited to get on board with Phoenix Fire!

I don’t have enough money

Money is tight, I understand! I’ve been there. Cash disappears quickly when contending with illness and medicine along with the regular necessities. The Phoenix Fire Academy is designed to help LOWER your monthly expenditure with a healing plan that is tailored to you, your lifestyle AND budget.

I don’t have enough time. 

Managing symptoms, dealing with daily tasks and simply feeling under par takes up a whole lot of the day. Imagine what could happen when you re-claim this precious time? What will you be able to do? The possibilities are endless. The Phoenix Fire Academy is a short investment of time into something that will liberate your time for years to come.

I’m already overwhelmed. 

Illness itself is overwhelming. There is so much information, so much pain and pressure coming at you all at once. From the largest issues and decisions (life saving treatment “A” or “B”?) to the minutiae of buying a safe shampoo with extreme allergies. The decision-making process when ill or during struggle can confound – and paralyze. The Phoenix Fire Academy will help de-code and streamline this type of all-important process. With my 14+ years of work and research, you’ll be instructed on how to implement my tried and true overwhelm-busting methods. And, you get a supportive community, paced learning (with the option to take as long as you need), on-going support and the promise of a plan that will put all the decisions you need to make into place. It’s time to exhale. Let’s do this together.

 I can’t make a decision today. I need to think about it.

No problem! I’d love to help you decide. Sign up for a Phoenix Fire Freebie and together we’ll see if this is a great fit for you. But don’t wait too long, we only have a few spaces left! And the course won’t run again until 2015 (at which point it won’t be 50% off).

I can do this by myself. There’s tons of free information online to teach me how to live with illness.

You are a clever, strong, capable person. And maybe you can do it by yourself – in many ways, I did.

But why should you have to?

We all need teachers and allies – why deprive yourself of the support you need and deserve? Get quiet and ask, how is it working out, trying to deal with it all on your own? How does it feel? What were you looking for when you came to this site? If you love what I share here, The Phoenix Fire Academy will rock your world. And you deserve a break, beautiful. You’ve had to be strong, alone, for so long.

“Olympians don’t become champions from reading information.”
~ Erika Lyremark, Master Coach

Learning to live well with illness is not just about information. You need the feedback and support from the experienced coach and a supportive community. And honey, you will get it with PFA.

Are going to teach me a “method” that worked for you and but may not work for me?

No. In the first half of The Phoenix Fire Academy we’ll delve into your story and situation and then together, we will build a plan to go forward. A plan that’s tailored to you, your needs, symptoms, situation, budget and lifestyle.

Why are you charging for this? 

We intrinsically put effort into the programs and methods for which we pay. Why? Because we choose to pay for that which is valuable. The Phoenix Fire Academy has worth that will extend far beyond your graduation date – a great source of pride for us, who have put countless hours of our own time, resources and professional training into creating such a unique investment. PFA is a program of deep worth. And we’re confident that the value you are receiving, the impact that PFA will have on your life, makes the investment both a wise and modest one.

 Will there be any discounts offered to enroll in The Phoenix Fire Academy? Can I apply for a scholarship?

For our inaugural class, we are offering the PFA for a full 50% off. When the program runs again in 2015, this offer will no longer apply.

There will be 1 scholarship offered – keep your eyes peeled for details!

I have been ill for so long. It feels like I always have been and that there’s no way anything will change. Nothing else has worked for me…how is The Phoenix Fire Academy any different?

I felt the same way when I began my own journey. I’d tried everything. But something changed, clicked…and slowly, I began forming a new life. I searched, pooled, adapted and used a different kind of healing environment. With tools, methods and means that gave my body what it needed to be well. It paid off. Bigtime. The rest is history, and a global Trail Blazing movement. If you’ve tried everything, or are just starting out, you owe it to yourself –  your body, your happiness! –  to give The Phoenix Fire Academy a chance. It’ll pay off for you too.

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