Grace sitting on a sofa with a typewriter. Text: Struggling at home? Lessons from my 6 years housebound

Stuck At Home & Struggling? Tips & Tricks From My 6 Years of Being House Bound

I never thought that the 6 years I spent house bound and the 1 year I spent bed bound were training me for home-working during a global pandemic, but here we are.

I’ve lived a good life from home for many years. I built two international multi-award winning businesses from home.

(However, I’m not recommending you try to do that right now. These are stressful, difficult times.)

I’m sharing resources and experience here to support you in transitioning to a life lived within four walls.

I believe in us and our possibilities, I believe we can make it through this. Onwards, together.

Living well from home:

49 Things to Do When You Are Sick, Bed-bound and Bored.

50 Fun Things to Do When Bed-Bound.

Cheering Activities When You Are Stuck Inside in Bad Weather.

103 Ways to Feel Cheerful When You Are Low.

What To Do When Sick, Tired and Bed-bound.

Date Night Ideas When You Are Sick, Bed Bound, or Have Low Energy.

How to make a kit for bad days

The best thing I have to offer is Beyond the Boundaries: Finding Freedom & Fulfilment Within Four Walls, a book about self-care when house bound.

It includes a downloadable ebook, an audio book, bonus video interviews, printables and lots of goodies.

If you buy a copy, it helps me be able to afford to live while self-isolating, as a freelancer in these precarious financial times. Thank you for your support of my family and my work.

For working from home:

Small business resilience: how to stay motivated in dark times

Building resilience on the entrepreneurship journey

How I manage business, wellness and life

What to wear all day instead of pajamas

Escaping from social media consuming all your time

Coping gracefully with stress while working from home

Mental wellbeing:

How to cope in times of fear

When it hurts more than you can bear, read this

Dear Grace Q & A: How do I cope when my world (& social media) are filled with suffering/fear?

Dear Grace Q & A: How do I keep my spirits up when I’m hurting?

Dealing with a bad day without chocolate, Netflix or guilt

How to cope with anxiety/triggers in public

Healing and holding in the hardest times

Having a bad day? Head here

How to create enjoyment everyday, (bad days included)

Interview with Mara Glatzel on real rest not ‘fake’ rest

If these resources have been helpful, please consider supporting my work here by buying a copy of my book: