Keeping Cool When The Weather’s Hot


Grace with Fan. Text says:  Keeping Cool When the Weather's HotIt’s that time of year – summer! And, if you’re like me, the warm, dry weather is your perfect cup of tea. That said, staying healthy and cool during those long, sunny days is a challenge. The seasonal heat can be a huge energy drain, and exacerbate aches, pains and fatigue.

How to keep cool has been a hot topic lately in our Trail Blazers’ café, with lots of great insights and suggestions (care to join us? Head on over here). You can also take some ideas from my tried and true tips:

10 Tips to Keep Cool When It’s Hot

1. Plan to do your most strenuous activities during the morning or evening. Don’t save them for the hottest part of the day.

2. When in bed, try putting away the blankets and sleeping only with a sheet over your body. Being covered up and cozy can be a sleep/relaxation trigger, and a sheet can provide that, but also be cool enough for comfort.

3. Use a Chillow – it’s a cooling pillow that draws heat away from your body. I love mine and am never without it when the heat’s in high gear.

4. Carry a fan. I have a collection of fans, fabric, paper, and scented. Collect a few favourites, and enjoy the self-made breeze! Check out to find a special fan just your style.

5. Add a little scented essential oil to a bottle of spring water and pop it in the fridge (my favourite is rose). Spray on the face and body to cool yourself down (and smell great!)

6. Take a moment to chill out and check out sunscreen safety.

7. Drink up! Make sure you drink enough water, especially when the mercury really begins to rise. You’ll need more than you usually drink, and most don’t drink enough to begin with. I measure out my water in Kilner jars. I aim to drink 4 full jars each day, and keep them close by at all times to remind me to hydrate adequately throughout the day. On exceptionally hot days I make up big jugs of elderflower “champagne”. The recipe is simple and satisfying: filtered water, elderflower blossoms, lemon chunks and whatever other cool goodies may tantalize my taste buds. This sort of high end cool on a sizzling day is divine.

8. Focus on raw food. On sweltering days you may not feel like eating – but your body needs fuel and nutrition is essential. Avoid heavy foods and focus on raw foods to get you all the goodness you need. Check out the free recipes in my Wellness Library here.

9. Rest. If the heat makes you tired, allow yourself to rest more often or in longer spurts. If you find it difficult to slow down, check out my series on Rehabilitating Rest.

10. Prepare. You know the heat makes things harder, so plan ahead and prepare to make things easier when the temperatures soar. Think about the tasks you need to do every day and how heat makes them harder. Setting up options in advance is doing your future self a favour. Can you freeze meals in advance? Get a chillow or fan ready? Discuss a flexible work schedule with your colleagues? Get organized get your cool ducks in a row.

What are your top tips for managing in the heat? Share in the comments below! And For more on systems that support your wellness, jump on the list and get ready for The Phoenix Fire Academy here.