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white desk green desk accessories text: small business resilience 5 ways to stay motivated during dark times

Like bodies, businesses have good days and hard(er) days.

When things aren’t going your way, it’s tough to even find the motivation to climb out of bed in the morning. I get that. However, as a small business owner, you may be carrying a lot of responsibility. Staying in bed isn’t always an option (unless you run your business from your bed, as I have).

Today, we’re going to focus on a few things you can do to stay motivated. Let’s take a look:

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fire of logs in a metal barrel orange text above it, August trailblazing resources: fuel for your healing fire. Beneath the fire gracequantock.com in white text

The best of the wellness internet. Lovingly curated trailblazing healing resources for fun and wellness fabulousness to fuel your healing fire. Relax and dive in!

My favourite trailblazing healing resources, inspirations, proclamation and motivation this month – Dive in!

Kris Carr’s free workshop videos on increasing your energy

Yoga for chronic fatigue, accessible and actually doesn’t exhaust you? Yes, it exists!

Journalling for self-care, embodied breath, and meditating with kindness – Free workshops from Christy Tending.

(If you are looking for journaling support, Rawness of Remembering is the best journaling class I have ever taken)

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mindful posture, supporting our spines grey text on photo of a sea and driftwood on a rock

If you are in pain, it’s often all you can focus on, but today I want to talk about a part of our bodies which supports us every day and, (unless it’s part of symptoms or pain), can be easily forgotten in our frenetic lives: our spine.

Standing up straight is often something people take for granted. Being able to move, walk, run and dance are all things many non-disabled humans expect they will always be able to do. But when back or neck pain occurs, when we experience an accident, experience an illness, a change in symptoms or an acquired disability, it can be very scary.

Pain can be acute or chronic, temporary or long term. Whichever it is, the healing is often supported by taking care of the parts of our body we can, and that can include good posture. Good posture is key to maintaining the health and flexibility of our spine.

Let’s look at some ways we can integrate posture practice into daily life:

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chalkboard background, single pink flower peony text chronic illness? simple ways to strengthen your relationship part 2

I’ve got a simple (but super-effective) way to improve your relationship when you have a chronic illness. Read part 1 here.

Last week we looked at a simple way to begin making your relationship better. Relationships can cause challenges, but when we are chronically ill, that brings it’s own challenges not just to us but to our relationships as well.

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cherry blossom branch against blue sky ways to strengthen relationship chronic illness

Are you married or dating while living with a chronic illness or disability? Or would you like to be in a relationship?

If you read the statistics you’d think that relationships are a huge challenge to maintain at all – but add in a chronic illness or two and the odds apparently plummet.

This has not been my experience. I’m not a relationship expert, but my husband and I are are celebrated our 12th anniversary this year, which is a great blessing.

(Yes, I know you’re frantically adding up, trying to work out how old I am, I’m 29.)

There are challenges to living and loving with a chronic illness, I’m living with many of them, but it is far from impossible.

I’ve put together my top 3 struggles and how to manage them.

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