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Hello, dear one

I’m Grace, I live in Wales and I’m a psychotherapeutic counsellor, writer, coach, wellness provocateur, and healing trailblazer.

I want to live in a world where we are loved, accepted and supported and when illness, disability, difference, trauma or grief throw life off track, we can blaze a trail to a truer self.

Living with pain, illness or life crisis? I made this site for you.

Illness has been called “another country”, and it’s not only illness we get lost in, but pain, accident, trauma, or grief.

They are our own personal wilderness, and you are finding a way through the wilderness you are the first to do it in your life, the only one who can, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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"The transformational experience that Grace offers as an alternative to thrashing about in the weeds of 'no cure' and 'multiple chronic illnesses' is like nothing I've experienced before.

Her insight, support, and invaluable perspective on life with illness - and the healing journey that accompanies it - reminds me not only of her extraordinary capability for transformation and courage, but of my own as well."

-Esme Weijun Wang, New York Times bestselling author of The Collected Schizophrenias |

  • My MA Research: Exploring How Body Oriented Counselling and Psychotherapy Can Be Digitally Mediated

    I am interested in exploring how body-oriented psychotherapy can be digitally mediated. Within body psychotherapy, there is a concept of the “bodily reality” i.e the feelings and shifts in our bodies, in each moment, being a “rich source of information we may access for use in the therapy” (Staunton, 2002, pp. 2). I am exploring how such work can occur online, when we “listen with our bodies, and we listen to the client’s body…We bring our embodied imagination to the encounter.” (Staunton, 2002, pp. 2). Digital Embodiment: Exploring How Body Oriented Counselling and Psychotherapy Can Be Digitally Mediated. Project information sheet Thank you for your consideration and interest in my…

  • On My Fears Of Turning Into A Sloth & Seeking An Alternative

    CW: Fat phobia, body shaming I do it too, some days I look at my body and wish I looked different. I visualise how I would look if I were stronger or fitter. If my body were sleek rather than sore and swollen.  They’re all so tempting, those narratives. If I push and push, I’ll somehow break through an invisible, unspecified internal barrier. Then emerge the other side; svelte, joyful, filled with ease. In the films, the training montage shows challenge but it’s always overcome. The protagonist is seen to have the resources and capacity to overcome such challenges. They don’t begin exhausted. I can’t imagine my body beginning anything…

  • 3 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Bought All Those Self-Help Books

    3 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Bought All Those Self-Help Books

    CW: Ableism, Law of Attraction I know it’s Bridget Jones-esque, but I have bought more than my share of self-help books. Not about relationships, but about health and wellness. I began searching for wellness advice in books when I didn’t get answers from the doctors. There are few challenges I don’t believe I can research my way out of, at least in part.  In the beginning, in between reading frightening prognosis on obscure internet forums and re-reading BMJ and JAMA journal articles, I also came across a new phenomenon: self-help books. I had seen Men Are From Mars and The Road Less Travelled on the bookshelves of friend’s parents, but…

  • Large white house with teal door seen through Grace's wheelchair wheels. Leaves on the ground under the chair.

    Ty Newydd: My First Writing Residency

    It can be tough being disabled in an unfamiliar space. All the habitual tricks and patterns I rely on to circumnavigate difficulties fall flat. It’s a risk for me not to fall with them. I can’t grab a usefully positioned table, I need to learn where the uneven paving is, my adaptive equipment is all at home so I’m making things up and compensating as I go. Staying somewhere new is a particular kind of courage; when non-disabled people say a space is accessible, do they mean an actual disabled person can access it, or do they mean “Looks O.K to me”, which also translates as “Just a little step”…

  • Story and Trauma: Data Delivery in Creative Technologies

    Story & Trauma: Data Delivery in Creative Technology

    A lot of people see data as being removed from the human experience, something in the cloud. However, our data sometimes reveals a lot more about us than we might initially realise, maybe even things we didn’t realise about ourselves. In this panel, we will be exploring the human relationship with data as a mirror, from how it helps us understand ourselves and others, to the consequences of data misrepresenting us, or exposing aspects of ourselves we may want to keep private. I’m a New Talent Data Fellow with the South West Creative Technology and along with my fellows Hannah & Joyann, we are talking about how each of our…