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July Trailblazing Resources Pinterest Power white text on black background with frilly pink roses in photo

The best of the wellness internet. Lovingly curated trailblazing healing resources for fun and wellness fabulousness to fuel your healing fire.

My favourite trailblazing healing resources, inspirations, proclamation and motivation this month – Dive in!

Where do you love to hang out online? If it’s Pinterest, then I have a treat for you: I’ve been sprucing up and sparkling my Pinterest account.

And guess what?

It’s full of wellness resources for you!

Check it out:

Trailblazing Wellness

All the goodness from the trailblazing movement.

A Wellness Toolkit

Filled with goodies for you.

Bed Bound and Bored?

I know it’s a struggle being stuck in bed and bored so here’s a Pinterest board (pun intended), to give you some distraction and smiles.

New Diagnosis Resources

Resources, support, information and help for when you are newly diagnosed or have experienced an injury or accident.

Easy Plant Based Recipes

Looking for quick, easy, tasty plant based recipes? Here you go:

Elegant Energy Saving Hairstyles

I love elegant but energy saving hair-style ideas and I’ve shared my favourites with you here:

Stylish Disability Fashion Tips

Stylish, simple, accessible, fun and easy fashion if you’re bed bound, using a wheelchair or working from home. Gorgeous clothes for at home work and wellness to wear instead of pyjamas and yoga trousers.

Chronic Illness and Wellness Bloggers

Some of my favourite trailblazing health, wellness + disability bloggers.

Accessible Business

Working, entrepreneurship, business, freelancing, volunteering and self-employment support, resources, tips and tutorials. Making work accessible when living with fatigue, disability and pain.

How did I get the support to learn to have fun and share resources on Pinterest? Through Sarah Von Bargen’s mini-site reviews. They are free and if you want to get serious about your blog or online presence, you can sign up here.

What’s your favourite wellness resource? Can you recommend your favourite board for me to follow on Pinterest?

P.S Want more resources, check out the Trailblazing Resources tag here.

Mary Magdalene of the Heart painting by tanyaetorres women in red veil cradling red heart

Image Credit: Tanya e Torres

Sacred Stories Series: seasonal psycho-spiritual checkpoints to share our history & remind us to pause.

Today is the feast day of Mary Magdalene, traditionally, this is the time of year that people celebrated everything from redemption and devotion to the Divine Feminine. She’s been ascribed to the archetype of the sacred prostitute and named Apostle to the Apostles.

Whether you are Christian, pagan, agnostic or atheist, if you live in the western world, you live in a society shaped by and saturated in these sacred stories. They are all around us, below the surface of our dreams and woven into our most beloved stories.

Continue Reading Sacred Stories: Feast of Mary Magdalene & Moving into Trust

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti gold text and confetti on white background

Photo credit

N.B. If you have arrived here, because you are feeling scattered and scared that there is so much pain right now, I hear you, I welcome you. I hope you find my site to be a safe place, I invite you to join my Trailblazers’ Facebook Cafe for further solidarity and support. I may not have solutions, but I will share all the knowledge and experience I have with you. In this space we don’t deny the negative but we focus on building awareness, resilience and compassion, for ourselves and for all. 

I am acknowledging the pain, injustice and loss. I am taking steps to be a part of the solution, to take positive action against and prevent such prejudice and injustice (a post on this is on it’s way).

I am also keeping myself fuelled and adding good back into the world, along with my work to take injustice and violence out of it.

On that note, I want to share with you a welsh concept; Cymhortha (from cymhorthu, to help) is something akin to community co-operation.

Continue Reading Crisis, Cymhortha & Confetti: Unconventional Coping Strategies To Add Kindness

Grace Quantock image on blue background: how I run two international businesses while living with chronic illness

Running your own business can be a huge challenge. Sometimes it feels like it’s a PhD in patience and confidence, just entering that arena. Running a business while living with chronic illness can seem like it requires a super-power. But many people are turning to entrepreneurship due to their health challenges. It has lots of positives; you can often work from home, set your own hours, take rests in between tasks and make a living doing what you love.

However, adding the pressure of work to a life already struggling with pain and exhaustion can be a powder keg. I have been working while living with chronic illness for several years and in that time I’ve tried the good, bad and ugly in terms of what helps and what doesn’t.

Read the full (vintage) post over at the fabulous Michelle’s site here.

Thanks for featuring me, Michelle!

What’s your top question about working while ill? Let me know in the comments.

P.S You may also enjoy Limits of Liberation: Building Resilience in Business, Entrepreneurship and disability, How I Manage Business, Wellness and Life and Bedbound to Business Bombshell!

KC Baker in turquoise and gold necklace and black dress in front of a stone archway - Trailblazer Interview: KC Baker & Public Speaking Skills to Transform Your Self & World

Previously an investment banking analyst and assistant for two US Senators, KC Baker is an international women’s thought leadership & public speaking skills trainer, speechwriter, and two-time TEDx speaker and is renowned for her unorthodox and highly effective methodologies.

She believes that the key to positive transformation in our world lies in supporting women in unleashing the brilliance of their voices.

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