11 Ways to Make November Unforgettable

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Today is Calan Gaef, the first day of winter in Wales, it’s also the traditional celtic new year and I am delighted to be able to share my new website with you today. New year, new website and a great big gratitude party – it’s all happening today.

I’ve been immersed in my Vision Board(ing) School and The Desire Map, getting clear on my intentions for this fabulous new season. If you’d like to do some soul-clearing I am leading Wales’s Desire Map Book Club in 2014, so hop on my list to hear further announcements of dates and locations.

And we only have 11 spaces left for Soul Detox Sessions in 2014 – if you want to start your new year with direction and clarity about your life and business, book your spot now But this is a gratitude party, and I am so grateful for you. THANK YOU for being here. THANK YOU for your time and precious attention.

I’d love to support you in moving into the festive season in an attitude of gratitude, so I’ve created the following list:

11 Ways to Make November Unforgettable

1. How can you embody love now?

2. Move some peace into your body.

3. Capture the small things – camera in hand.

4. Write yourself a love-note.

5. Say thank you. Mean it deeply.

6. Restore your energy as much as you need.

7. Wear some sparkle.

8. Kiss (friend, lover, tree, animal, photo)

9. Detox your desires – get clarity

10. Teach all you know. Learn more.

11. Dress up.

Here’s how to play:

Pick your pleasure – what’s the first way in which you are going to make November unforgettable – do that now.

Bookmark this page and come back during the month when you need a hit of action and inspiration.

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My love and gratitude is with you.