Entrepreneurship and Disability

Entrepreneurship and DisabilityAre you dreaming of starting your own business but don’t know how?

Want to make a difference in the world yet struggling with illness?

I’ve been there, and in the face of multiple disabilities, I not only consistently defied my prognoses; I overhauled my diet, earned a degree (with honours), built a global business, & launched a worldwide non-profit foundation.

When you have a change-the-world-build-a-business dream and want to see it become a reality, then head this way.

Too many of us are held back by the illness/no time/no money struggles and the world needs what you have to offer. I want to help you live your business dreams too, that’s why I’ve collected all my free business and disability resources here:


Living with disability and starting your own business – interviews with disabled entrepreneurs sharing their stories.

Building a resilient small business – so if you have a flare up, your business doesn’t have to shut down (interview by Esmé Weijun Wang).

Your business comeback – how to bounce back after a business break due to illness.

Creating resilience – coming back stronger after set-backs:

Grace sitting outside with a cup of tea

How I manage business, wellness and life – integrating self care and business work.

Working when ill – how to still get things done.

Bed-bound to business bombshell – the inside story of how I built my businesses.

Dealing with the DWP and benefits agencies in general.

On usefulness – under everything, I believe we want to be of worth.

Being Type-A with chronic illness.

Stack of notebooks with colored pens on top

Why I write and tips on writers block.

Want extra support on your business adventure? I want to help you live your business dreams too, that’s why I’ve created The Phoenix Flight School.

This is a program to support you in living your business – no matter what’s holding you back.

In the mean time, I have a small number of beta coaching spots available so contact me here to discuss.

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