Wellness Provocateur Vlog No. 12: How to beat the 3pm energy slump

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Get Ready for the Ride

Do it now – acknowledge your power and realise that what you consume directly effects you mood.

This can seem like a lot of responsibility and it may feel boring if everybody else is eating donuts and they’re happy, why can’t you be? The answer is, as you know, that not everybody is happy. Many people medicate with food, getting high on sugar, buzzed on coffee and sedated with huge greasy meals.

You have the choice to switch on to joy. Just shift what’s on your plate and in your glass.

If we expect to just cut something out of our diet – ‘easy peasy, it’s all sorted’ – then the cravings hit and we can just end up diving back into the sugar jar. Unplanned and unprepared is only another way to fall back into old habits.

We want to succeed and so we need to set up a safety net. If we have security we can soar.

Coping with cravings

Prepare for them. Have substitutions and distractions on hand. Replace your current uses of sugar/bread/coffee with positive substitutes.

Always work up. Next, better, best.

You’re too sweet

You might first replace sugar with say, xylotol, yacon, apple, date or agave

syrup, dried fruit, fresh fruit and then work up to using stevia or only non sweet, low GI fruit or not needing sweeteners at all.

Do it gently step by step.

Identify the times during the day you crave sugar. Keep a food/craving diary for a day or so then work out substitutions for each situation. For example, you could have agave in your cup of tea, a piece of fruit or a naturally sweetened health food shop snack instead of your afternoon chocolate bar.

Remove sugar from the house and get your smoothies and good snacks ready and looking good. Make them convenient and easy to grab on the go. Remind yourself you are doing well.

Liquid rocket fuel

Coffee is acidic, dehydrating and often full of chemicals. Yes even the decaf is stripped of the caffeine by harsh processes. You don’t want to be taking those nasties into your lovely body. So if you must have your joe then go for organic, not after 3pm, and drink lots of water afterwards. Swap up your habitual mugfuls with green drinks, herbal tea and hot water with lemon and a teeny pinch of cayenne pepper.

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What your body loves most will of course depend on you, but generally;

:: Fresh, ripe, low GI fruit – apples, pears, all berries, plums, oranges. Check out the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen to be kind to your budget.
:: Fresh green salad. Try this scrummy one.
:: Home- made smoothie or juice, recipes below!
:: Gluten free bread and flax crackers.
:: Kale chips and carrot sticks for snacking and dipping (keep the carrot sticks in a glass or jar of water to stop them drying out and going yucky).
:: Hummus and tahini dips -tahini plus lemon juice plus a little virgin olive oil, mix until sloppy and tasty.
:: Roasted chickpeas – salt and vinegar or lemon and cayenne.
:: Dressed cashews. Squeeze lime over them and toss with paprika, a little pepper and kale flakes. Yum.
:: Gorgeous gourmet popcorn.
:: Guacamole.
:: Chia vanilla pudding.
:: Almond butter (1/2 almond butter, 1/2 almond milk) and apple to dip with cinnamon sprinkled over the apple.
:: Parfait.

Want to Get Green?

It alkalises your glorious body and believe me, this is a good thing. Calms inflammation, addresses pain, supports the nervous system, gets your colon moving, gives a super-charged energy shot, fills you with nutrients and makes your liver smile. What more could you ask for from a glass? Don’t answer that, and just get on with the green drinks.

Green Juice for Newbies.

1/2 cucumber
3 stalks celery
Handful lettuce
1/2 apple
2 handfuls of leafy greens.
Add non-sweet fruit like berries if you want to.

Juice, and drink within 20 mins for all those lovely enzymes or store in a mason jar and keep cool, it will still have goodness just not quite as much.

Succulent Smoothie.

1/2 apple
1/4 cucumber
2 stick celery
4 lettuce leaves
1/2 avocado (hass avocados are creamiest)
1 teaspoon raw white almond butter
Top up with water or herbal tea
Hemp protein powder or super-foods can be added for the advanced student.

Blend, blend baby.
Pour into glass mason jars -help keep your green goddess elixir fresh don’t y’know. Accessories with gorgeous Glass Dharma straws (http://glassdharma.com/) and enjoy. Or just add to mug and drink.

Try out my award winning green juice recipe, lauded by TV Raw Chef and best selling UK author Shazzie.

Wellness Provocateur Juice.

All Organic:
Nettle tea
Cucumber – lots and lots
Celery – about 1/2 as much as cucumber
Broccoli – for luscious green goodness, and all the calcium.
Kale – as much as you can fit. We LOVE kale
A little bit of apple, if you need it
Add Cinnamon sprinkled in it gives such special sweetness and makes it so easy to enjoy – this is the special bit!
Lemon juice – extra alkalising!
Loads and loads of love and Reiki, poured into it
Home grown greens and herbs, if you’re into that, lovingly planted and picked in the sunshine, before breakfast juice begins.

Juice and add to gorgeous glasses and enjoy.

Be here now. Listen to the birds and feel the green juice working its healing magick.