Sharing Our Voices: Entrepreneurship & Speaking Out

Sometimes sharing is scary. For many of us, if we are living with challenges or pain, our very voices can feel forfeit. If we are also an entrepreneur, sharing online can be something we very much need to do. But how to reconcile these tensions?

To manage the anxiety, I love to work with systems. I love systems, they can hold what needs to be held so I can focus on what’s really important to me; creation and connection.

I actually have flow charts for my businesses, yes, really. In coloured sharpie, with boxes and colour coding.

If gets press coverage, you bet I have a system to cover that. There’s lots to do you know…thanking the editor, sharing the press coverage, updating the press pack and other things… Well, I may not have them in mind right this second, but that’s why I need a system to hold them all.

I am seeing systems becoming more and more popular and it gladdens my heart because it means more people are – hopefully – freed up to focus on their creative shining!

That’s why I was excited to try out Campaign Monitor and was shocked at how easy and intuitive it was.

I found the framework was minimalist rather than overwhelming – so many sites have all the buttons and whistles front and centre. Which kind of makes sense…but I want YOU the person, I am writing to and the content I am creating to be where the attention is.

I also found the fresh templates a breeze to navigate.. it was so easy to use, my newsletter programming time was cut in half!

What did I spend the extra time doing? Making more beautiful things for my subscribers of course. If you aren’t a subscriber of mine, you can join here. 

[N.B: Campaign Monitor compensated me for the campaign I sent and my time exploring their site.]

Email send fear is real, especially for entrepreneurs. Balancing quality content with a professional email format can be challenging. Unfortunately, this means email errors may occur, even with seasoned professionals in the mix. 

To reduce email errors, Campaign Monitor have created an email campaign preflight checklist you can save, print, and use (then repeat).

Our email team uses this checklist before ever pushing “send.” This checklist ensures our professional email format is ideal, errors are corrected, and a marketing plan is in place. Not only can you use this email infographic to dissect your own emails, but your entire team can use it for review.

Email Campaign Preflight Checklist - Infographic by Campaign Monitor

Source: Email Campaign Preflight Checklist by Campaign Monitor.(Accessible version in development, apologies for the delay).

Make an error-free, professional email format with the email campaign preflight checklist

Send emails with confidence instead of fear. Sit back, watch Worldview, and see your results roll in.

I hope this can incite you to explore your own systems. Check out my interview with Michelle on systems and entrepreneurship here.

What’s your pre-flight check-list before sharing online? Let me know in the comments!