Christmas elves

From Waist Height and Wondering 18

It is….

Spending all your money on books. I mean it. 

Making friends with librarians automatically. 

Vintage clothes because they just cut them better back then.

Airmail letters.

Dogs as members of the family.

Choosing books over furniture. 

Having no knowledge of pop culture but too much of greek myths and 18th Century comparative religion.

Feeling guilty as you love Donne so much and he was an awful man really.

Believing in magic the way you believe in y’know the internet and such. It just is.

Skirts that hit just on the knee.

Hours upon hours on the phone with loved ones. Burning up the wires.

Never going visiting without taking gifts. Preferably sparkly.

Tea in a warmed pot with tea cups and saucers.

Classic FM all day every day.

Waking up and looking forward to your day.

It is not….

Caring about your car so much you don’t let the dogs in it.

Referring to things by their brand name. Repeatedly.

Concrete world.

Caring what the neighbours think.

“Native American”/Aztec/Geek/Librarian Chic – appropriating someone else’s culture/identity for your fashion is not ok.

Giving in to people’s stereotypes.

Believing alcohol is rebellious.


Thinking money means something in terms of a person’s worth.

Spending your week looking forward to the weekend.

Putting products before people.

Not using the dictionary.

Criticising those doing it rather daring something yourself.

Not bothering to dress up? After all, what’s there to celebrate? Only being alive.

Believing there are no exceptions. 

Home-made Yule gifts. Yes, we made like elves for the week. Recipes will come one day, sit tight. 

Christmas elves