My Autumn Offerings


I adore Autumn, it’s one of my favourite seasons. Of course, I say that every season, I love the turning circle of our year.

Autumn is a time of fruitfulness, of enjoying and collecting the bounty of our labours. It can teach us of delayed gratification and present joy all at the same time.

I read these wonderful prompts on Lighting Little Fires. Oh, beautiful. Make time to visit with her there. It’s a creative oasis with sparking fire-lighting gems too.

So, without further ado…

Food: What are five foods you love to eat in autumn?

Squash – its seasonal, delicious and I especially like “Sweet Mamma Squash”, it’s the coolest name. I have always wanted (in a fascinated, yet slightly squirmy way) to try or at least see a spaghetti squash! They grow like that. Wow.

Sweet Corn – we wait all year for it. A sweet-joy.

Courgettes – you can’t have too many, courgette crisps in the dehydrator, pasta, roasted with garlic. You can have too many marrows, we will accept courgette gifts but decline marrows.

Blackberries – blackberrying fun.

Apples – my favourite fruit and possibly favourite food. Om nom nom.

Gratitude: What three things are you grateful for this autumn?

You – for reading this, visiting my site, being here.

Me – being here myself, having the gift of this time and life.

Our Heritage Welsh Apple Trees Coming soon! From Ian Sturrock, a very lovely man.

Ripeness: What three things are ripe in your life right now?

My website – launched, birthed and born! Hooray

My time of rest – 2 months off from writing and sinking into learning and self-care, bliss.

Time of planning my new year – celtic new year 31st October (Calan Gaef) weaving the bones and the threads of my new year with the amazing Hiro Boga and Dreaming in the Dark.

Harvest: What three things are you ready to complete?

The first draft of my book Sick Chick to Trail Blazer (working title) – done, rest and replenish to fertilise the soil of my creativity for edits beginning in January.

This website – see it fly!


Feasting: How will you share?

My website launch party! If you have missed it, dear one, see the video here. Road Blocks into Mounting Blocks, balloons, glitter, hot-seat coaching. You got it! 

Writing here with you, through this site, my newsletter and love.


What have you grown into? 

My business, my power, my authority and strength.

What have you grown out of?

The fear, the hiding, the doubt.

School: If you could take five classes right now, from the school of your dreams, what would you study?  

What I am blessed to be studying currently:

Dreaming in the Dark,

Teach Now,

30 Days of Yoga,

Photo Meditations,

I would also, in my dreams, have time and energy to re-take The Morning Whip, because it’s just that good. And learnt to play the harp, this harp actually.

Your answers, care to share? I’m listening, talk here.

Photo Credit: Merixon via Compfight cc