Make and_Do

Midnight Feast and Date Night Inspirations

How was your Midnight Feast? We had a marvellous time, and here it is, in full colour just for you!

We started the making with some old books for inspiration and a cup of chamomile tea. Well, can’t get too over-excited before the feast begins! 

Make and_Do

cup of_tea
We decided cakes were needed. Linus loves cakes and I don’t have a sweet tooth at all. But I suppose can you call them cakes if they don’t have sugar/ flour/ eggs/ anything nasty? These were made of buckwheaties, dried apricot, plums from our friend’s tree which we picked and dried last Autumn all mixed up with coconut and coconut butter.

cake ingradients

cake cases

We made the macaroons with a piping bag….well we tried to and the piping bag oozed apart. So they were never going to look like the recipe picture but here they are and they were scrummy! And this is our Midnight Feast Hamper, all gluten free, vegan darling and oh-so delicious. See the organic ginger beer? Total yum. 

macaroonsMidnight Feast

Would you like to see more date night inspirations?

You don’t need to be on a date to have a celebration, but you might want some celebration inspiration and I have lots of that.

Next Saturday Night I propose a Footloose Party!

Yes, I’ve just seen them film and I want to dance like that. Adapted dancing is my current in-love-with-it form of exercise and I think a dancing date night would be just the thing. Grandma and I have been dancing to Elvis and it is super-fun.

So, make a list of your favourite records and dust off your moves, darling. 

In case you are confused, it’s Linus who likes the cool music, I just like Classic FM, Yo-Yo Ma and old rock from my teens.

And in other exciting news….I am teaching my first class, Reclaiming Sleep: Learn the Secrets to Good Rest and a Productive Life. It’s on Friday 23rd March online and at the Newport Clinic of Holistic Health. Details and booking here. Do come join me, and reclaim effective rest and repair.