Gratitude & Grace: Winter Retreat Edition

Soft focus photograph of tree with pine cones and snow on branches

Inspired by my dear friend Gala Darling, I’m taking my love lists out of my (metallic hot pink) journal and sharing them with you.

Little Things I Love:

The scent of pine and pomanders decorating the house * Embroidery – I went to an event on women, art and social change and left with plans, ideas and a radical embroidery practice * Listening to Classic FM and all the festive music * Learning Jingle Bells on my harp * The poems of Horace, in Latin and in translation on my bedside table* Raspberry vegan hot chocolate * My gorgeous new turquoise Filofax – a bigger size, I’m practising taking up – and giving myself – space * My new Passion Planner * Xandra’s Passion Planner resources * Stationary in general, fuelled by Danielle and Pretty By Post * Related: learning hand lettering * Also related: lovely cards coming through the post for the festive season * Working with the dogs curled up next to me * These thermal leggings which I am loving and living in  * N.B: I thought M & S were one of the more ethical options on the high street – I haven’t yet found ethical thermal leggings, but I am reconsidering them as a shopping choice. * Sharing and connecting in the Trailblazers’ Cafe *

Gratitude & Grace List:

I love this question.

Seeking balance? This looks fascinating.

Yes, I have lots of planners. Yes, I am also dreaming of this Mindful Budgeting Planner. (Yes, I know dreaming about purchasing a budgeting planner is something of a contradiction). And yet…

Also: this Budget Binder is printable (accessible, immediate) free and gorgeous.

Staying on the planner theme. I have been using and loving The Moon is My Calendar, especially the monthly new moon mandala. I have mine pinned above my art table and it’s keeping my on track to my heart.

Do you do Unravel Your Year? Here’s this year’s and it’s gorgeous.

I loved RedStamp and was really sad to hear they closed their doors. I’ve been exploring and loving Paperless Post since then. Have you checked it out? They have free cards, paid ones, designer collections and paper cards too! [N.B: Paperless Post kindly gifted me coins to trial their service before I shared about it with you].

Although if you are a paper fan, you must check out Pretty by Post. Writing a festive card to someone with illness and stuck on what to say? Check out this post.

Related: if you are looking to begin a journalling practice in 2019, I wholeheartedly recommend Rawness of Remembering: Restorative Journaling Through Difficult Times for yourself or a loved one in the biggest sale of the year. Use code JOURNALPOWER for $48 off retail:

I am loving this tradition.

I love and always learn from Coaching as Activism, her most recent webinar, How to Run a Transformational Business While the World is Burning was sensational.

Disabled student? Interested in working outside the home? Check this out.

Loving these accessible luggage tags.

Reading this via Yes and Yes

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I love this video from Dyana.

If you are sick, tired, stuck in bed, I wrote this for you.

I love writing winter love lists. What would be on yours?

What are you loving? Let me know in the comments!

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash