Meet Our New Sponsor: Christy Tending Healing Arts

Woman holding a striped feather in her hand, over her denim jeans - Meet Our New Sponsor: Christy Tending Healing Arts

Christy Tending Healing Arts, who makes self-care and sacred ritual for world changers, is our latest sponsor. The opinions and words used here are, as always, my own. P.S Christy has a lovely gift for you, read on for details.

You know that feeling when you meet someone and a part of you deep down inside whispers, “I am so deeply grateful that you are on the planet, and even better, that I get to be on it with you”?

That’s the prayer my heart made when I came across Christy’s work.

That’s the feeling I get when I read her writing, and learn from her offerings.

And that’s why I’m so excited to be introducing her as our newest sponsor.

(You may have heard me mention Christy before – because she’s utterly awesome and I’ve loved her work for so long – we are just making this official, darling!)

Come with me…

Imagine you and I are sitting together having tea. Perhaps we are in my studio in South Wales, we are curled up in the deep chairs, the sunlight is drifting down over the mountains and making shapes and shadows on the floorboards before us. You can see the steam drifting from your teacup and hear the puppies playing outside.

We talk and share, I listen and hold space for you in your journey. We move to lighter things, our favourite recipes, what’s growing in the garden. New discoveries and delights are being shared, I lean towards you and say, with excitement,

“I have made a new friend, you have to meet her”

“Why?”, you ask.

“She teaches self-care. REAL self-care. Radical self-care for the real world.”

“Oh, tell me more”, you are intrigued, and with good reason.

With all the talk about self-care, finding someone deep in the practice is revolutionary.

“Just go to her site, enjoy her work, trust me. She helps people who want to make changes and I know that’s you. I know you want to help make our world more beautiful.”

Your mind turns to your long-held dreams, but also to what the pursuit of them has cost you. You remember the hurts and losses as well as the inner joy that arises from doing your soul-work.

I see the tension in your posture,

“I’ve felt that way too, that it hurts to make a difference, but Christy has a better way. I believe in her, let’s try and do it differently”

“Let’s extend our love, passion and compassion not just to the world, but to ourselves too.

“Yes, lets”.

Self Care Activist

Black and white photo of trees and railway with blue overlay, white text Mary Oliver Quote. Sometimes I need only stand wherever I am to be blessed

I love Christy’s work because we live in a world that is saturated with aspirational and often inaccessible images of self-care.

Christy understands what it is to live with pain,

with mobility issues,

with body limits and

how to make your self-care real.

Allow me to introduce you:

Christy Tending Headshot Smiling in forest, brown hair, caucasian, wearing a brown tank top

Christy is a self-care mentor, healer and activist. She offers online courses, ebooks and one on one mentorship.

She also has these awesome free self-care workshops every month that you have to check out. Oohh and free goodies on sleep, self-care, gratitude, intentions and more! Yum. Thanks, Christy!

Check out her guest post here and look out for her Trailblazer Interview coming soon – it’s such a gooood one!

I recommend Christy Tending Healing Arts to you if you are reading/listening.

And Christy has a special gift for every Trailblazer reading this: 25% off her signature course, Sacred Focus, with the code: Grace. Sacred Focus is a 9-week course to de-overwhelm your life and craft the everyday sacred. There is exuberant joy in less.

She really is something special.

What’s your favourite way to practice self-care? Let us know in the comments!

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