Grace Quantock Trailblazing Wellness is a popular hub of health and wellness information attracting thousands of page views a month worldwide.

And it’s growing quickly.  

If you’d love to connect with those thousands of people who are looking to live well, enjoy health and happiness every day then you are in the right place!

Trailblazing Wellness connects with people who:

Want to be EMPOWERED to: Direct their healing | Take the wheel in their life | Adopt a plant based diet | Make conscious, ethical purchases | Pursue decisions and informed choices | Take action now

But are struggling with:

Life crisis | Chronic illness | Grief | Invisible illness | Disabilities | Recent diagnosis | Life crisis | Caring for a loved one | Health problems | Psychiatric illness | Weight issues | Changing diets | Entrepreneurship |Small Business Building | Trauma

Grace Quantock Trailblazing Wellness has a sponsorship program that is based on trust. I’m passionate and awesome at finding wonderful products, I want to expand that into a sponsorship program to connect the products and people I love with each other.

I am so grateful for my sponsors and love working with brands to connect them to the right people. 

The necessary numbers:

★ Weekly Pageviews: 17,500

Bounce rate: 2.53%

★ Facebook: 1000 +

Twitter: 1234

Klout Score: 49

Reader demographics:

Age: 18-24 – 27.50% | 25-34 – 23.50%

Gender: 45.85% female | 54.15% male


Bed bound | Plant based wellness | Disability equipment

Living well with fatigue | Wellness library

Organic search terms:

What to do when bored in bed | What to do when sick

Things to do when sick

The audience:

is made up of but not limited to disabled women, people living with grief, those with chronic illness, people living with trauma and mental illness, new and established offline and online entrepreneurs, those who are bedbound and housebound, business owners, spiritual creatives, non-profit founders, yoga lovers, crafters, coaches, artists, writers, online- shoppers, bloggers and more.

Grace Quantock Trailblazing Wellness has a loyal community of core readers and I have never offered space to advertisers before on my website which means the audience is not overwhelmed by frequent ads or ‘ad blindness’.

My work attracts a specific audience in need of support and I can reach a narrow and targeted group of people that makes the money an advertiser spends much more effective.

You can spend $50 on a big site and you might reach a lot of people who are mildly interested in health, wellness and living well with challenges – spend $50 on Grace Quantock Trailblazing Wellness and you’ll reach people who are deeply passionate about health, wellness and living well with challenges.

Grace Quantock Trailblazing Wellness has been featured online and in the press in The Times, Marie Claire Magazine, Gala Darling, Second Firsts, The Huffington Post, TEDx, AlexandraFranzen.com and The Hay Festival.

What is covered here is also picked up and shared by key influencers including NYT best-selling authors, doctors, occupational therapists, business mavens and influential bloggers.

I’m so excited to offer affordable advertising to help you get your blog/shop/offerings/services/products be seen by thousands upon thousands of awesome people.  Connecting awesome people & products.

Sponsorship Options: 

★ Sponsor an ad in my sidebar and enjoy a guest blogging post and newsletter coupon offer too. Place your ad or brand logo in a prime position for maximum exposure

★ Sponsor a blog post on a topic linked to your offerings

Have your product reviewed on gracequantock.com

Feature in The Trailblazing Times – the legendary and beloved weekly newsletter

Social media marketing

Brand ambassador/sponsorships


Sponsor a podcast episode or series of Grace’s popular Trailblazing Wellness Interviews

Got another idea? Super! Contact me at grace AT gracequantock.com with what you would like to advertise, when and where and I will be in touch to cook up our super exciting plans.

Please note that it is super important that your product is:

  • Ethically produced (Trailblazing Wellness supports fairtrade and ethical business practices).
  • Related to wellness, business or disability and therefore interesting to my readers (who are incredible, health-conscious, empowering souls looking to live well despite the struggles)


Sidebar ad space is available in one, three, or six month packages with pricing discounts offered at three and six months.

All large ad sponsors will be included in the monthly link round up, mentioned in The Trailblazing Times newsletter and get a 150 word introduction blog post with the option of a coupon code/giveaway/freebie promotion.

All six month sponsors will get all of the above and the option of a guest post or podcast interview on a mutually agreed topic with the option of a giveaway for no extra charge.

Sidebar ads come in two sizes:

Small 300 × 135

small sidebar ad

1 month: $25

3 months: $60

6 months: $100

Large: 300 x 300

Sponsor Trailblazing Wellness: Get Your Ad Here on green blue background


1 month: $150

3 months: $400

6 months: $800



All other options are available by bespoke consultation, please get in touch for details grace AT gracequantock.com

Email me at grace AT gracequantock.com to organize a sponsorship.