Make and_Do

Beautiful things to do, because

Make and_Do* Make your own zine, make it a radical, vegan, riot grrrrl, feminist zine. And don’t forget to send me a copy (my address is here).

* Wear a beautiful necklace all day (my pick is this, or dig out an old favourite. When was the last time you really looked in all your old jewellery boxes, by the way?).

* Bake lemon bars, or lemon olive oil biscuits.

* Send a real paper birthday card.

* Pick up litter when you see it (gloves and hand sanitizer are helpful here).

* Phone your grandparents. Or your parents. Or someone, but pick up the phone.

* Plan a road trip with Gala’s guide. Mine is going to include a big pair of sunglasses, my new faux coat and a pile of maps.

* Paint over your picture and begin again.

* Write down something beautiful every day for a week.

* Fill empty (cleaned) jam jars with tea lights and bank them on your chimney piece/desk/tabletop.

* Feed and put water out for the birds (regularly).

* Sponsor Watch Her Thrive.

* Nap.

* Read End Sex Trafficking Now, read an essay every day.

* Live your books, annotate them with pencils, sticky notes and passion.

* Be a girl who reads. And writes.

* Keep a book of poetry by the phone and read when you are on hold.

* Be delighted.

I love, and adore reading lists of beautiful things, like Gala’s Things I Love Thursdays and Susannah Conway’s Something For The Weekend. I think if I love reading them I should write them, so here’s mine. Enjoy.