Exploring Empowering News Engagement

Exploring Empowering News Engagement: Clwstwr Cohort 2020

In good news, I’m delighted to share I’m part of @ClwstwrCreu #ClwstwrCohort 2020 doing research and design into titrating news for empowered engagement.

My project, Trauma Toggle (working title), will allow users to titrate language and triggering material in their media consumption. With climate breakdown, Covid, political upheaval worsening mental health, citizens are losing faith in our government to handle the crises. Trauma Toggle aims to increase citizen engagement, reducing news avoidance and vulnerability to predatory misinformation. 

I am combining real world clinical experience as a psychotherapeutic counsellor and co-creating with journalists working in the field, marginalised folx struggling with news intake and technological developers to create something that’s trauma informed, and designed with the end consumer and creator (folx with trauma and journalists) in mind.

While personalised news is currently being explored, I’m interested in where the personalisation can be used to reduce the trauma load of users to increase citizen engagement and reduce news avoidance. When folx are disengaged, they can’t take action as citizens of a democracy. When disengaged and disempowered we can be at risk from predatory misinformation.

Read more about my research here: https://clwstwr.org.uk/projects/trauma-toggle

Clwstwr has funded 33 new ideas in the screen & news sector. The 2020 #clwstwrcohort will research & develop projects including virtual production, vertical video & improving energy use in the screen industry.

You can check out my unboxing video for my Research Start Party on Twitter.