• Self-Care Sunday: Meditation Can Heal Your Heart

    [Self-Care Sunday Series: wellness experts worldwide are sharing their self-care expertise, practices, routines and personal stories. Our first guest post is by self-care revolutionary Christy Tennery-Spalding] Meditation is a wildly popular practice, renowned for its benefits on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. After practising meditation for many years, I can attest to this. But what happens when we feel heartbroken or stuck in our daily lives? Meditation can help there, too.

  • Allow Me To Introduce: Aroga Yoga [New Sponsor]

    Aroga Yoga: online yoga and wellness for chronic illness, is our latest sponsor. The opinions and words used here are, as always, my own. Why Accessible Yoga Matters I believe that yoga can be a catalyst for liberation. I believe it can help us find our way back to our bodies. I believe your daily practice can be what carries you through the hardest times. I believe that yoga isn’t just handstands and flat tummies. Most people think that yoga is for size 6 bodies that can jump and move but really, yoga is accessible even if you are bed bound. That’s why I’m so glad to find Kayla‘s work, finally,…

  • Top 5 Mindfulness Meditation Challenges Transformed

    What’s your relationship with your mind in this moment? How does it feel in there right….now? In that moment of noticing, checking-in and reflecting, you are having a moment of mindfulness. Isn’t that amazing? (It may feel scary, your mind might feel like a difficult place, that’s hard but that’s ok, no judgement. I’m proud of you for noticing, naming, sharing that). What do you think about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation generally? Is it for you? Or is it just for Buddhist monks and people who do picturesque yoga on Instagram?

  • Trailblazer Interview: Esmé Wang & Creativity in Healing

    Esmé Weijun Wang is a writer and speaker. Her site, at esmewang.com, is where she provides resources for artists, writers, and makers seeking to build a creative legacy. Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she attended Yale, Stanford, and the University of Michigan, went from intern to Assistant Editor for an international lifestyle magazine, and was a writer and editor at ModCloth before launching Esmé Weijun Wang Productions. Author of the book Light Gets In, Wang has written for and about in The New Inquiry, Salon, the New Yorker Online, the New York Times, and Clementine Daily. I’ve admired Esmé’s work for many years and I’m delighted and honoured to share this interview.…

  • Loving My Body: An Act of Resistance

    I had a realisation in yoga recently, while I was struggling into a pose my newly numbed limbs couldn’t quite reach: I love my body. It doesn’t have to work the right way for me to love it. It doesn’t have to look a certain way. I will love my body and take care of it. I love myself, in fact. Always and always. And I love you, wherever you are in your journey with your body too. However, I have, sadly, spent many years acting like this wasn’t the case, and pushing my beautiful body to go further than she could. I’ve been angry at my perceived ‘failures’, and…